Wednesday, April 26, 2017

AAAAHH this weather!!!!

Ok, so this blog has nothing to do with the weather, but it is WONDERFUL in Zambia right now!! Our winter seems to have come early (it could be a fluke, but it feels amazing!!) It has been in the 60s and 70s during the day, and we all have our jackets out (and my sleeveless stuff is put away!)! Love it!! Now on to other things...

Cambree working hard on a ramp into the dining hall!

Love my sweet girl!

And this boy, who spent some time reading in bed with me!

My boys..almost 12 and 8!

We took a break one afternoon to read...with lollipops.. :)

My kids are ALWAYS. DIRTY.

Dad does such a great job teaching at Kids Club!

Great lesson on the lepers (Agness & Cason)!

Justin is always dirty too... ;)

Look at that long hair!

Laston discovered he loves Fanta.. :)

He is a turkey! (which one, you ask??!!)

My kids are a little intrigued with the eyeball making!

We enjoyed another fun morning at Push the Rock Macha with sports games for the kids! These two are best buds (most of the time...)

We let Dad come, even in his UT gear...

The boys lost 1-0 but played great!

A little disc golf too, which Blu says is the "dumbest game ever..." ;)

The girls had another basketball game and did great with their new zone defense! (time to work on rebounding...and passing...;)

Stanley loved his new birthday hat!

Blu couldn't resist with this cold weather and made me open my Mother's Day gift early - a burrito blanket!!!

It's not too hard to keep the kids busy during school term breaks - we had a trash pickup competition!!

The girls' pile!

But the boys obviously won!

And a random pic of Blu's little brother Shade's family - 93 days until we are together again!

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