Friday, April 7, 2017

Zimbabwe - Friday on the road!

We decided (somewhat suddenly, which is unusual for us!) to use some of our tax return money (thank you, IRS!) and head to Gweru, Zimbabwe for a family camping trip! *Disclaimer: do we all know by now how Darbi feels about camping?? Not my favorite thing to do, but for 6 days away with my family, I can sacrifice! (and make LOTS of snacks to enjoy!)* It was WONDERFUL to disconnect and just enjoy some time internet, no phone calls, etc! It is about a 10 hour trip, so we broke it up into 2 days and left on Friday after the awards ceremony!

In Livingstone - ready to cross the border into the town of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe!

Oops..just kidding. We got to the border and needed some paperwork from the police station back in town. So Blu dropped us off for gelato and he went and got it done! It was a miracle that he was able to get it all so fast on a Friday afternoon!

Waiting at the took us about an hour to get across (a few unruly baboons, a drunk man harassing me & Cambree, and a busload of Europeans later, we were across!)

We made it!

Since it was still daylight, we headed to Victoria Falls Rest Camp to pitch our tent for the night!

Yes. My first of about 6 Malawi shandy's this trip!

The pool was open all night, so we let the kids have a late night swim while we ordered warthog steak and enjoyed some Zimbabwean dancers and drummers by the pool! Next stop: Gweru!

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