Thursday, April 13, 2017

Field Trip 2017 - Tuesday!

After a quick change of plans this year due to a road being washed out, we decided to take the kids to Livingstone. It is just a 3 hour trip by truck (4 hour by bus), so it's pretty doable, and there's tons to do there! We opted to take our Grade 1-7 classes (23 kids) along with the Wilcoxes, Tidwells, and Nurse Carol on a 2 night trip!

Tidwell bags are ready to go! All in different rooms, so we had to pack 5 separate bags!

We drove the new minibus with the younger group of kids! They were all excited at first!

But soon looked like this...

First stop: The Layby for an impromptu lesson in shawarma making!

The girls always love the hand dryers!

Once we got to Livingstone, we headed to Pep! Some of the kids had 50 kwacha of reward money from school to spend. Nurse Carol also wanted to buy each of the kids a new outfit, so they had a blast picking those out!

Carol had fun waiting forever for them to ring it all up!

We also ate Hungry Lion - chicken & chips & ice cream! ,br>

On to Chapa Classic Lodge - Blu's roomies... (he drew the short stick...!!)

I had these little cuties - Axer & Gertrude!

The kids were the MOST excited about swimming!!


Glory the (gorgeous) giggler!

Joseph shivered the entire time, but it was great weather for swimming!

Lounging around...

This little girl was SO excited to be with the big kids on the field trip - we all know that she's really The Boss!


At sunset, we cleaned up and headed to some of the nicer hotels to see if we could get a glimpse of some zebras or giraffes!


Long story short - I had an epic fail as a mom moment when Caedmon reached out to touch this zebra, and then he looked over at me and I nodded 'sure, do it!'. Wrong move. Don't touch zebras. This picture was taken about 10 seconds before the zebra reared up and kicked him in the thigh! He has a hoof-shaped bruise, and I feel HORRIBLE about it!!

Misheck got close! But didn't touch it. ;)

My first zelfie!

We then headed for Cafe Zambezi where the kids enjoyed all sorts of yummy food, like crocodile pizza! They are not used to a) restaurants, and b) waiting a long time for food. I sat next to Kefbert, who has ZERO table manners. He kept yelling out "Coke! Pizza!! I'm HONGRY!!!" ;)

Table for 28, please!

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