Monday, January 30, 2012

We are HOME!!! :)

We definitely had an eventful trip back to New Day! We rented a 30 seater bus to take our family and the 3 ladies back. We had about 27 pieces of luggage, plus about 16 carry-ons. When the bus got there (30 minutes late...), we saw that the trailer they said they would bring would fit about 5 suitcases!

So we crammed everything on the bus and barely had room for us each to have a seat!

The trip was going well, and at Monze I was so excited to realize we would be at New Day in less than 2 hours!! But that came to a halt about halfway down the Pemba road....a short 30 minutes from home......when we got to the river. Yep, there was no way we were crossing that!

The driver wanted to do it, but Blu assured him that we would be swept away. So we turned around, drove 2 more hours (Cambree burst into tears at this news), and finally got to New Day in time to unload and throw together a quick supper!!

The reunions were amazing - I should have taken pictures but I wanted to just enjoy them. The kids gave the biggest hugs to each other and it was awesome!
After about an hour I heard this loud commotion outside, and it was all 14 kids piling onto the trampoline! :)

Giving our gifts to the staff was so fun - everyone gave me huge hugs but Mrs. Choma probably topped the list. She threw herself on the ground and started rolling around, then jumped up again and lifted me off my feet and nearly flung me over her shoulders. This is all for the set of 4 tupperware and chronological Bible storying cloth I got her! It experience. :)

Internet is working but not fast. My kids went back to school today and were so excited to be there. My 15 trunks are unpacked and things are almost organized.

When I walked down to the orphanage part of New Day this afternoon, all of the kids were on the soccer field, running, yelling, and laughing....and as cheesy as this sounds, it felt like all was right in my world. :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

New Background!

In honor of our return to Zambia, and the fact that a downpour of rain welcomed us (we even had to take buses from the airplane to the terminal!), and since it IS the rainy season...I have changed my background to pretty blue raindroppy looking things..for your own enjoyment :)

Culture Shock!

Today we threw our ladies into the tornado of Zambian cultural experiences by taking them grocery shopping at Shoprite...on a Friday.. :) We had four shopping carts and were exhausted by the time it was over! Forget jet lag - I think they'll all sleep good tonight! :)

I had a great picture of Carolyn holding an umbrella and a toilet brush - the necessities! :) My computer is being third world and won't upload it :(

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We made it!

Our last few days in the USA are a blur, especially now after the plane rides back to Zambia! The flights were rough with the kids, and we are SO exhausted, but we are glad to be back and ready to get to New Day!

Last pic of the cousins (minus AJ and Brenden!)

Hugs for Paw & B-Maw

Us at the DFW airport with Diana, Carolyn, & Debbie, our 3 full-time volunteers!

BB & Joanna came to see us off!

Recovering from jet lag and heading to New Day on Saturday! Thanks for praying!! :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Our trip to the numbers!

109....days we were in America

16...number of churches we spoke at about New Day

21....number of beds we slept in

11....states we visited

28...number of pounds we gained

4....number of grandparents our hearts hate to say goodbye to

8...number of orphans we can't wait to wrap our arms around!!!!!!!

We leave tomorrow for Zambia, so I wanted to go ahead and write my last blog from this side so that I can enjoy family time tonight! I want to say a special thank you to anyone who has fed us, housed us, babysat for us, prayed for us, and given to us these past 3 1/2 months! We had a great time here and are eager to get back to our home at New Day! I apologize to anyone we missed and we hope to see you next time!

I will try to blog at least weekly from New Day so that you can keep up with what is happening! We appreciate your prayers for safe travel for our family and the 3 new volunteers: Diana, Debbie, & Carolyn!

Signing out from Texas!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tough Day!

Today was a day of many tears as we attended our last church service in the USA and said goodbye to Mama Dee & Grandpa. In the midst of the sadness, God reminded me that we have so many blessings and so much to be thankful for. I am grateful that we are so close to our families and that they support us and love us. We will miss them more than words can say!

Dad getting ready to preach! It was a really good sermon from Jonah - the book of Jonah is about disobedience, surrender, and triumph!

The kids last children's sermon in the USA!

It was Carolyn's commissioning service today - what a privilege to get to be there and pray around her with the church!

Caedmon giving Jessica a hug goodbye

We'll go ahead and arrange this marriage between Ty and Cambree :)

My mama :)

My daddy :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Crazy Chaos!

The last few days in Temple have been chaotic! We finished our speaking engagements by visiting Heights Baptist in Temple. It is always great to meet people excited about New Day and who are praying for us! Here is what has kept us busy the rest of the week....
Just realized today that Cambree's passport expires in April!! I can get it renewed in Zambia but some of the paperwork and the passport pics are easier to do here - isn't she cute? :)

My mom laughed when I told her I was going to try to pack the kids toys in one trunk--she was right! It took two. With two birthdays and Christmas here in the USA, we have accumulated some toys!

In the midst of all of that, we finished up another week of homeschool!

The kids are completely wired and excited with all the packing, so today we took them to Walmart to spend their "USA money", and then we hit the mall to see Beauty and the Beast!

We will get to attend Carolyn's commissioning service :) and say goodbye to Darbi's family :( on Sunday. Thanks for your prayers!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A LONG drive back to Texas!

We are back in Texas after a 12 hour trip yesterday! Our 11 day road trip was a blast and we had fun together and getting to see and meet tons of people who love New Day!
Jess and her mom-in-law, Bert :)

Cajun!! Crawfish etoufee and shrimp salad :)

We stopped in the DFW area on our way home to see the Daniels. Jason & Blu were good friends in Alvarado and the Daniels love New Day too! :)

In 7 short days we will be on a plane back to Zambia. Please pray for us as this is a crazy, chaotic, and emotional time as we pack up and say goodbye to our families. I won't be blogging for awhile as I enjoy the people around me, but you'll hear from me before we head back :)

Friday, January 13, 2012


After a quick stop in Collierville, Tennessee on Wednesday night to speak there about New Day, we finally made it to Purvis, Mississippi to stay with our VERY good friends, Landon & Jessica!! (Remember I came back for Jessica's wedding August of 2010!) We are staying with them for 3 days and then speaking at Landon's dad's church in Hattiesburg on Sunday! Fun times!!
Landon is the new full-time music minister at Good Hope Baptist Church in Purvis! Jess is subbing and hoping to get a teaching job in the fall. Jess was in the 10th grade when Blu was her youth pastor so it's kinda weird to see her all grown! :)

Landon & Blu looking up dumb trivia stuff online...

I was super excited to get a Taylor Swift cd from Jess! :)

Apparently this is a scentsy. I've always wondered what those were! (Blu put some Tabasco in it to see if it would blow it up :)

We ate some yummy chicken fingers at Raising Cane!

Hugs! :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pics from New Day!!

I got tons of pictures from Josh & Christy Moran from their time at New Day!! Here are a few to whet your appetite :)

Love these smiles!!

Sisi and Cynthia

Ready for school!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Well here we are in Clanton, Alabama, home of some of our favorite people :) (and this really amazing peach water tower!!!)

We spent one night here and had fun playing Settlers of Gatan and Monopoly Deal with the Morans, the Karns, & Nathan!

Here we are with Steve & Trish

Remember these faces? The Morans got back about 3 weeks ago from Zambia so we loved talking to them and hearing about all of the things happening at New Day!! We are so grateful for them going to work and serve at New Day for those 3 months!

Time to hit the road again - headed to Collierville, Tennessee today!

Monday, January 9, 2012


We have enjoyed our time in Oklahoma! We were able to meet with 3 different groups about New Day! The first was our Oklahoma Baptist University mission team that is coming this summer! The boys will most likely be doing a soccer camp and soccer games/evangelism and the girls will be doing children's ministry and evangelism/survey work!

Our connection to OBU is this sweet girl, Dayla, who we met at our mission training in Virginia in 2003! She was a 16 year old missionary kid then and is now a missionary serving at OBU leading mission teams!

The team asked us if they should wear chacos in Zambia. Um... sure! (What are chacos?) These are chacos! Yes, you can wear these! (Must be an Oklahoma thing??)

We then drove 2 1/2 hours to Sayre, Oklahoma to see McKenzie!! McKenzie spent 2 1/2 months with us in Zambia for a summer in 2004. We had such fun together, and now her husband is a youth pastor and they are bringing a team to New Day in July!

These youth interns, Jacob & Shauna, reminded us of us back in the day :)

And then we drove 2 1/2 more hours to Purcell, to visit Lance/Staci and speak at Union Hill Baptist Church! Lance & Staci came to Zambia last year and we got to meet them. They are also bringing a team next summer - two sisters Madison & Mackenzie. Mackenzie is the International Brahma Queen! (it's a cow thing..)

This church is so supportive of us and we walked away with $3000 in donations (which brings our van fund down to $2280 remaining!!!) Lance & Staci also gave us a new Kindle Fire! Yay - now Blu will leave my Kindle alone!! :) We were amazed to see the area they had set up in the youth room to raise money for New Day!

Thanks our sweet Oklahoma friends for your support of New Day and love for us! We now have to hit the road to head to Clanton, Alabama to catch up with some friends and then on to Tennessee & Mississippi!