Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I'm sitting here in bed on my laptop, listening to praise music on my new mp3 player. :) Blu loaded a bunch of songs on it and he put a lot of old hymns--my favorites!! Anyway, I digress...

We got snow for Christmas!!!! On the 23rd, I was in a tshirt and shorts playing tennis with Blu...not 12 hours later we had 2 inches of snow!! We built the biggest snowman in the history of Bangs, Texas, in my opinion. :) The funny thing was, the kids were inside out of the cold and me and Blu were so excited outside building the snowman!

My sweet Mom and Dad. This was a tough Christmas for us after losing my Grandma just one week ago today. And my Jessica is celebrating Christmas without her mom for the first time. This year opened my eyes to the grief people experience at Christmas.

I got new dishes! Sadly, they will stay in the boxes and arrive in April or May in Zambia for me to use!

Blu used a miniature nativity to share the Christmas story with the kids.

Cason really enjoyed the wrapping paper this year. And he has one ornament on the tree that he loves, so he kept going for that ornament! He was like, forget the presents!! Give me my ornament!!

Cambree got her favorite book from Uncle Blake and Aunt Dawni in Zambia. She left her first one out in the rain and it got ruined, but it's her favorite!

Caedmon got his own Bible!

Blu, my stud of a man, got some camo boots and a shirt after killing his first deer on Wednesday!

It's Christmas night and my decorations are all put away and boxes are starting to pile up. We have just 27 days before we leave for Zambia, and only 20 days until our container leaves! It will be a busy few days but I'm glad we were able to relax and celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Children's Museum

This past Friday, we were in the DFW area, so we took the kids to the Children's Museum at the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas. We had heard good things about it online, but no description could do it justice!! The upstairs had really neat exhibits that kids and adults of all ages would love and learn so much from, but the DOWNSTAIRS was a museum designed for kids ages 0-6!!!! That's like heaven for us!!! It was all about role-playing, so there was a complete farm where kids got to grow a garden, gather eggs, milk a cow, ride tractors, check on crops, harvest, etc. There was a fire station, an insect/spider room, a theater with dress up costumes, a house with all of the toys necessary to "play house", etc. It was incredible. We could have stayed there for hours and hours and it was well worth a 3 hour drive!!!
Cambree getting on her "tractor" to go check on the corn growing in the field

Me trying to make it through the spider web!

Look at Caedmon go!

Me and Caedmon working on the puzzle in the fire station

Practicing for Zambia.. :)

The Girls

Driving the firetruck (which had slides going down the back!)

They even had a play area for 0-2 year olds! Cason loved it!

The boys