Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Blu's Phone Dump - Last Pics from New Day for Awhile!

Forgive me if I've posted any of these pictures before! Blu dumped all of his recent pics on the computer today, so I picked my favorites for one last blog post from Zambia! Tomorrow will be spent doing payroll, closing out July finances, last minute laundry/packing, an end of term school program, prayer & praise service, and of course saying goodbye, and then Friday morning we will head to Livingstone/Johannesburg/Dublin/Belfast/London/Dallas!

Agness looking sweet at school!

Yesterday we had a final trip to Choma, and it was STRESSFUL (see my face?!). Blu thought it was funny to see how close the lady was standing behind me when there was literally almost nobody else in the bank!

After getting this drumset 19 years ago from his parents, and carting it all over the world, Blu decided to donate it to a music school in Choma! I (the sentimental one!) was more sad than he was, but hopefully some young Zambians will get many more years out of it!

Meanwhile, back in the cream.

A rope walk at camp!

More ice cream. (And Cambree & Mrs. Kelly, but all I can focus on is the ice cream.)

Mama Cecilia with Blesten and Luyando - she has her hands full! (Not sure why he is always wearing her pink clothes...I promise we gave him quite a few boy clothes!!!)

Sweet Chipego - this boy is a cutie!

The New Day Church looking good!

Aubrey has been letting some of the older kids do some cooking in the kitchen!

Here's Ben!






Blu and I have been playing a LOT of this!

Walking home from school with my Daddy!

Dad and Patrick, his "age mate"

There I am watching my 3 babies fly away!!

Francis getting some homework done!

Last trip to the grocery store - this is all I need to survive the next 6 days!

Blu disagreed...

I have been blessed to have some free time in the mornings to go and visit Hildah and work on a puzzle with her! (We finished today!)

After FIVE YEARS, Joseph got his first visitor at New Day - his grandma!

Justin saying "Cheese!"

Laston eating his beans!

A last overnight trip to Livingstone with Mom & Dad for a hotel, 42, and Cafe Zambezi meal!

Luumuno lost a front tooth - he was so proud!

Margaret has been around doing some housemother subbing for us!

Also back in Texas.... Paw & Bmaw on the boat!

Uncle Aubrey has started a prayer garden with the kids!

Wait a minute - are they praying or sleeping?!

Priscilla & Buumi stopped by for a visit!

Only one more day of school left - working on my favorite lesson: world time zones!

Walking home from Kids Club with some of my favorites. And that's a wrap on another 19 months in Zambia!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Family Reunion & Church Camp!

The kids' first 4 days in the USA were spent in Brownwood at Paw & Bmaw's for the Howell Family Reunion! This is Bmaw's side of the family - her two brothers, their kids (most of them!), and her aunt and uncle! Our kids had met most of these people before, but it had been awhile!

Bmaw and her brothers, Uncle Robin & Uncle Rusty!

Most of the group at church Sunday morning!


Caedmon played a lot of soccer with his second cousin, Kale!

Cason and AJ are best buds!

I miss that smile!

They have spent hours swimming!

After 4 days, they headed to GA & RA Camp with our home church (FBC Alvarado, TX) in Glen Rose, Texas! This is the same camp I attended in 1988 as a 3rd grader!

This is Caed's last year at RA Camp! Here he is throwing a tomahawk!

His first best friend, Wyatt!

Getting some love (and a hair rub!) from Lindsay!

Cambree just hates camp.... ;)

Cambree & Brookie - friends for a LONG time!
Apparently Cambree got engaged to Marco the Lifeguard...

Cambree & Lily were born a few weeks apart and had their baby dedication together!

Dress up night!

Cason got a top bunk!

I haven't heard much about him or seen many pictures, but looks like he's having fun!

The group from FBC!

Blu & I are at 7 days until we leave! Several people have commented on how excited we seem to be going, and I admit we are! Life in Zambia can be really hard, and this last term was especially trying. We are exhausted, and though we will miss our New Day babies and staff and my parents (and 42!!), we are ready for a break, so I won't apologize for that! Chick Fil A (and donuts...and barbecue...) are calling our name, and we'll be ready to head back to our African home in 5 short months!