Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kids Club - going strong!

Kids Club began at New Day in October 2012 - three years and three months ago. I find that each week, it is something that I look forward to, and I would even venture to say that it is my favorite thing we do at New Day. To see these hungry kids walk to New day from all around us to grab a ball, pick up a jump rope, or more often than not, just to sit and stare at us...and then to get to teach them songs about the Bible and share Bible stories with them...and then to get to give them more food in one sitting than they would get in 3 days at their is just incredible to watch. Here are a few pics from last week's Kids Club!

Agness being her cute self!

So sweet :)

Blu brought the "boom box" so the kids could dance.

Cambree & Laurie helping out with the little ones

Stanley taking a nap on one of his big sisters!

Cason loves Agness and always puts her in his lap :)

Me helping Mama Tembo carry some nshima scraps to the chickens

Time to eat!

Gertrude showing her moves!

This little girl knew exactly what to do when she saw the camera!

Glory & LuLu dancing to "Lean on Me"

Ingrid, Brian's daughter, one of the newest members of the New Day family!

Mama Tembo getting ready for the Bible story on Moses

And some other random is Aunt Staci getting ready to go to women's Bible study (held at New Day every Thursday)

Blu teaching Laurie Berkner songs to our Pre-K and Kindergarten Music class!

Cambree & Laurie - these two are always together! They were so excited for their trip into town on Saturday! Cambree spent the whole day with Laurie & Teacher Hildah and Aunt Miriam - she said they walked and walked and walked! I asked her what people thought of her walking through town with them, and she said, "I got 4 free fish just because I'm a white man!!" ;)

Ready for a new week at New Day!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Happy Birthday - January Edition!

This man can get more dirt on him in one day...

Standing in the newly dug footings for my parents' house!

Jamee & Kailyn (our 2 interns from SBU in Missouri) are in the middle of their month-long stay with Maxwell and his family. Today they stopped by New Day real quick to say hey after their trip to town!

Jamee, Machila, Joseph, and Francis

Kailyn & Axer

Party time - Blu & Emma

You never know what will happen when Uncle Blu is around...

David (Mulenga's son) celebrated his first birthday at New Day - he'll be 5 on January 31st!

He handled the water pouring so well!

Our jokester Joseph turned 9 on January 25th!

A new Bible and Legos - what more does a 9 year old boy need??

Mama Liz turned 34 on January 2nd!

Baby Emma got into the water pouring!

January is typically very hot, but storm clouds rolled in right before the party, so it was cold for these 3 to have water poured on them, but they all had a blast!

Monday, January 25, 2016

What's Going On

I have been trying to blog for a few days, but our internet has been spotty, so this is quite the random assortment of pictures! Meanwhile at New Day, it has been HOT (October like hot), with pretty much no rain. :( Every day, clouds roll in and sometimes it cools things off, but no rain. Please pray for the rain! Yes, it would relieve us from some heat, but the farmers so desperately need it as well. As for the electricity situation, we are back to 8 hour a day outages (most of the time). I have found that the 2pm-10pm outage is the worst, with the 6am to 2pm being not so bad. We haven't experienced the 10pm - 6am outage yet, as it was supposed to be last night but for some reason didn't happen (yay!) Anyway, here are some pics of what's been going on!

Yay for my Daddy shaving off his beard!! I love his goatee!

Cason enjoying Discipleship class with Mama Lala


The younger discipleship group


A look at my flowerbeds - we planted lots of plants back in late June before we left and I love how it's looking!

We also recently put in a little sidewalk pathway after I fell in the mud one night..

When the power is out...let's go fly a kite!

It is so fun watching my parents' house (Happy Hollow) go up! Their house is about 80 yards from ours - this is their front porch view!

And the road that will go to their house

And the sunset from their kitchen window

Agness, Terry, & Ingrid

Prince (or Princey-poo as I call him :)

New Day Baptist Church - the new building going up

Meanwhile, we are still meeting in the old building and hoping the walls hold up!

The kids meet in the new building for Sunday School

For the 2pm-10pm power outage on Friday night, we moved movie night out to the back yard!

Walking home from church - they both wore VERY high heels (they are the epitome of "girly girls") and their feet were tired halfway home!

Computer Class resumes at New Day on Fridays!

And that's the past week! We have a busy week ahead with 3 birthday parties on Wednesday - excited to celebrate Mama Liz, Joseph, and David!