Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Goodbye to Rosemont!

We had an amazing week with the Rosemont team. It seems that every time Rosemont comes, my heart opens up and connects with someone. In this church, there seems to be a trickle downward....godly older women to godly women to godly college students to godly high school girls. There is just something special about this church, and I am always sad to see them go!

Little Agness...who is in most every team member's pictures... :)

Andrew & Emmanuel (I asked Emmanuel, "Who are you on?" He said, "My pony." I said, "Yes, but what's his name?" He didn't miss a beat and said, "Junior!")

It was great to meet Andrew & Megan, a newlywed couple who actually met on the World Race!

Andrew spent his WHOLE week in the garage welding! (and teaching Blu to weld...should I be concerned??)

Barbara & Erin stuffing eggs for the Easter egg hunt!

Mrs. Barbara & Stanley - her 3rd trip to New Day - what's your excuse??

One of the weekly Bible studies

Easter Sunday

This man has my heart! This team said over and over again that Blu is just JOY wherever he true!

Caedmon & Joshua

Almost can it be?!

My sweet Cambree Rain

Baby Justin thinks Cambree is his mama...

My baby is growing up!

Cason & Agness - Cason loves the little ones!

Cindy & I (and Hannah) spent 8 hours on Monday working on kids' clothes in the container! All 24 needed their clothes gone through, some tossed, some passed down, and new ones delivered!

I love this pic...I hope this is how people always catch me looking at Blu :)

Mrs. Pam giving me some teaching ideas for my 4th grade Math class

David, Mulenga's son

This egg craft was so fun! They filled eggs with paint and the kids threw them at a canvas for splatter art!

Emmanuel being baptized by Papa Tembo

Erin & Lulu

Erin & Misheck

A little silliness with Hannah & Cindy

Let's be serious people!

Hildah loved the Easter egg hunt!

Love this pic the team took of a hut in the bush...reminds me of A Boy Named Boy!

Lindsey (her 3rd trip!) giving Emmanuel a reading level test

And on to laundry in the afternoon!

Lindsey & Luumuno

Love this pic of Mama Loveness & Justin!

*sigh* I'm gonna miss this girl!

Brian's wife helping to keep The Ark clean!

Megan working on some of the kids' splatter paint canvases

Miranda & Gertrude

Our boys loved playing with those Presley boys!

Pam & Phillip doing a Reading level test

And...I'm gonna miss this girl too. God is going to do big things with Rachel's life. My heart connected to hers for sure.

Rachel teaching 180 kids at Kids Club

Randy (team leader & missions pastor) & his wife Hannah, and they brought their 3 kids!

Randy & Hannah investing in Kailyn, Jamee, & Rachel

Cleaning out the resource room

Wes praying at a village while the team was prayer walking

Cambree & her baby Justin

Blu's Monday Bible study in Chivuma

Alas, our kids were way too fast for me to get pictures of our family Easter egg hunt!

My parents' house has their porch poles up!

Prince playing

Margaret Anne & Lulu & Agness

The team leaves tomorrow morning, along with Mallory & Rachel, and it will be quiet around here for awhile! We are looking forward to a visit from Ricky & Niki, Kelsey & Coby, and we are looking forward to school being out next Thursday and a month of field trips! Rosemont - thank you for your hearts, your sacrifice, and your willingness to share in villages, sort clothes, clean out a cement-filled room, and encourage me as a missionary and as a mom! We are looking forward to June 2017 already!