Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy March Birthdays!

We had fun celebrating our March birthdays today! It was a hot day as some storms are now rolling in, so it was a perfect day to get wet, AND it was a national holiday, so no school!

All of the girls always ask for water bottles for their birthdays!

Glory turned 9 on March 2nd, and Malilwe will turn 8 on March 20th!

Water on Glory girl!

Kelitah turned 11 on March 7th!

Reading her card from her sponsor, Marie!

You know our babies are growing up when they start asking for "Ibrow powder" for their gift!

Luumuno turned 6 on March 5th!

Ball, truck, books, etc.!

He is so precious!

Look - another bottle! :)

Getting water poured on her!

Mama Tembo will turn 54 on March 10th - she is not feeling well but came for some cake!

She loved her new scarf and chitengi!

Rachel will turn 24 on March 22nd!

Rachel loved her Zambian gifts!

Water for everyone!

We also had a cake for Women's Day!

It's all fun and games until it's time for a soccer game... (Americans versus Zambians..we lost 5-3!)

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