Friday, December 1, 2017

Last Week of November!

It's hard to believe December is already here! For one thing, the weather does NOT feel like December, even in Texas! Looks like we are having a "Zambian" winter this year! Here is a little bit of what kept us busy this past week!

Saturday afternoon visiting with the brothers outside!

Paw's cousin Ed and his wife and their exchange student stopped by for a visit - you can tell they're Tidwells!

Sunday afternoon relaxing with Legos!

Mama's boy (for reals...) :)

Trumpet practice - getting ready for this week's chair test!

Time for another basketball game, this time in Dublin, TX (the home of Dr. Pepper, in case you were wondering!)

The 7th grade got their first win, and Caedmon scored 2 of those points in a breakaway layup!

His fans in the stands!

On Wednesday, we made a day trip to Temple to pick up some items for New Day and have a lunch meeting with our Prosthetics team! On the way home, of course I had to stop at the cemetery to see my Aunt Ginny's, Grandma's, and Grandpa's graves.

As soon as we got back and got the kids from school, Cason had his first basketball practice!

And back home, Caedmon tried on his outfit for the band concert!

School pics are in! The angle I took this picture makes Caedmon's head look alienish...which I thought was hilarious, but he didn't! ;)

Our 6th grade Cambree

Our 4th grade Cason

On Friday after speaking at a Missions class at Howard Payne University, finishing up packing and some work for Unit Sets (Blu's parents' company), we are headed on a 7 day getaway just me & Blu!! But first...a 6 hour road trip to get there....!!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Happy 9th Birthday to Cason!

We had a wonderful day celebrating Cason's 9th birthday on Black Friday!! We slept late, and Blu got up and went to town for donuts! Because a birthday is a good excuse for donuts! :) Then, they all jumped on me to wake me up and we headed for the presents!

He got a Minecraft book series and a Lego Ninjago book!

His favorite gift - a Harry Potter chess set!

Mama Dee's Ninja card!

Captain Underpants movie from Grandpa & Mama Dee!

And a TMNT neck pillow for the airplane!

More Ninjago stuff!

For lunch, Uncle Cloud treated the family to Buffalo Wild Wings!

Paw and 2 of his girls!

Cason loved it when the waiters came out and sang to him!


After an afternoon of games (Settlers and Chess), we roasted hot dogs over the campfire that evening!

Then it was time for round 2 of cake!

A ticklish massage from Aunt Rita!

And finally, we ended the day by watching the new Captain Underpants movie!

We are so thankful for our Cason - he is the perfect completion for our family, and we can't wait to see the amazing things he will do!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving Day, followed by Christmas!

Our Thanksgiving Day 2017 was awesome. It was a gorgeous day, most of the family was here, and we had just a wonderful time together. The only thing missing was my Mama & Daddy!

Bmaw gets her famous noodles ready! (This is a German recipe that has been in the family for years. When we went to Germany, Blu ordered noodles and said that they tasted exactly like his family's Thanksgiving noodles!)

Working on Christmas presents during a break in cooking!

The boys discussing dumb important things around the smoker!

A three legged bucket race!

Trampoline fun!

Setting the table - learned from my Mama & Grandma!

Dessert table - mainly pumpkin pies!

An epic game of Family Frisbee - adults versus kids!

Pretty Keysi!

Twins in their orange hoodies and sweet tea!

Paw & Cambree - love this sweet pic!

Turkey prep!

Smoking the turkey!

This year, Blu had an idea to print out a paper with each person's name on it and have everyone write what they are thankful for and then read them out loud before we ate - it was beautiful!

Caedmon and Blu :)

Listening to what people said about him!

Caity & Andie

Cambree listening

Cason kept us entertained with his giant flower!

Listening hard...

Cloud & Rita

There was lots of laughter!

Me and Olga (Rita's mom)

Handsome AJ!

Shade & AJ

Turkey time!

Our best shot of all of us!

Yummy spread!

Of course, we had to take time for a photo recreation!

After lunch, we took some motorcycle rides!

No worries, I've got this!

Off we go!

How do I stop?!

No, really, how do I stop?!

Paw and Olga

We did a quick little family photo shoot in the late afternoon sun - gorgeous!

After a quick game of Settlers, it was time to do our Tidwell Family Christmas!

We started with the reading of the Christmas story from Matthew, Luke, and John!

Blu & the boys listening

Cambree helped to read some!

Paw may or may not have fallen asleep during the reading of the Christmas story...

Lighting candles

Time for gifts! Santa Shade helped out!

We got Paw an Echodot!

Caedmon's first!!

Yugioh stuff for Cason & AJ!

Uncle Cloud got the kids a Nintendo Switch, which is apparently pretty awesome!

It was a great day to remember all that we are so grateful for - God has blessed me with the best two families in the world, and I am SO thankful! Now on to Friday - celebrating Cason's 9th birthday!