Friday, August 30, 2013

Death of our Headman

We were shocked to receive the news today that the headman of Chikandamuulu Village (where New Day is located) died. When we left a few weeks ago, he was healthy! We received word soon after we arrived in the USA that he was sick and then heard today that he died. It never ceases to surprise me at how sudden death can be in Africa - it is why so many live in fear of death. It is why our call to reach others for Christ is not something we can put off.

The headman, or "BaSibuku", as he was known to everyone, is in charge of the villages that consists of about 200 people - about 20 individual homes including New Day. He is the one who first spoke up in 2009 when Chief Mapanza asked who would like to donate land to some white people wanting to open an orphanage. We had a great relationship with him and he loved being in the know of what was happening at New Day, as you can see in the pictures below! He loved meeting our volunteer teams and seeing what they are up to. He leaves behind a wife who had a stroke last year and TONS of children - 16 or so?? I can't remember! His grandchildren are constant fixtures at New Day kids' events - Peter (who recently got saved at Kids Club), Angela, Charles, Miriam.

His death greatly affects our volunteer team from Arkansas that arrives today. They had planned a mens' conference, but with a 3-4 day funeral event, it will be interesting to see what adjustments need to be made. Please pray for flexibility for the team and that God will give them plenty of opportunities to still reach the men of our area for Christ.

Getting his blood pressure checked when our Christ Community Nebraska team was here

Shooting a gun for the first time!

He was SOOO proud of this Sherriff's badge that Eric from Alvarado, TX gave him!

He loved volunteer teams!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fun Family Time!

The hardest part about living overseas is missing our families! This week has been a fun week with our families!

Look who surprised us on Monday - driving up from Early to Temple! This was huge for my not-so-spontaneous parents! (who passed that gene along to me!) Mom made me this awesome Fall tablerunner set. Doesn't my mom look amazing?! She's lost 40 lbs since February just by walking and eating right!

They loved getting to see where the kids go to school and enjoyed some special reading time with them!

This was obviously a very funny book!

On Wednesday night, we had Paw, B-Maw, & Shade & his family over for dinner - which ended with football outside! First, team huddles!

Nope, he didn't catch it! Good defense!

Cason loved kicking the ball (attempting to kick the ball!) :)

Shade, protecting us all! It was amazing how slow the cars drove past our house!!

Cambree isn't into football but she is into coloring :)

Silly faces!

Skip-bo before school this morning :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Global Missions Conference in Georgia!

We had the PRIVILEGE of flying to Atlanta this weekend to hang out in LaGrange, Georgia with some AWESOME people! Rosemont Church in LaGrange is a New Day supporter, and they invited us to speak at their first Global Missions Conference. It was amazing - it consisted of a Friday night fancy missions banquet, a Saturday conference with break-out sessions, and Sunday worship focused on missions. The church had a list of 12 possible mission projects for 2014 and encouraged each person/family to prayerfully seek where God would have them serve. Dates & costs for each trip were already listed for every trip in 2014! (the planner in me was very impressed!) From right there in LaGrange to Atlanta to North Carolina to Alaska to Brazil to Guatemala to Romania to Zambia - this church is mission-minded! The children's pastor had even built an airplane for the weekend and the children were "flying" to different places around the world!

One of the highlights of the conference for me was to prayer walk through the different rooms. When I walked into the "Islam" room, I almost fell to my knees. The walls were covered in black plastic, and a tape recorder was playing the call to prayer. I prayed and my heart was heavy for the lostness. Later, Blu & I talked about this. It was a great time of refreshment for us to be reminded that it is not CHANCE that we are in Zambia. God has given us a passion for the nations. From the Islam room, to the Romania room where I wanted each child in every picture to know Jesus, to our discussion with a family who has adopted from China - it was a great reminder that God has given me & my husband hearts for the lost around the world.


Blu did an intro at the banquet on Friday night

Lindsey & her husband Foster

The "Zambia" room had a makeshift hut set up with a "prayer fence" all around it - it was so neat!

Look who we found in Georgia!! It's Larry & Lynne!

Russell & Blu were matchers :)

We got to stay with one of our favorite families EVER - the Hardigrees!!

Our friend Curtis owns a chicken place called Jim Bob's - YUM!!!

Lynn knew the way to my heart... chocolate & peanut butter!! :)

Fun fellowship time on Saturday night!

Randy & Stacey - sometimes God puts people in your lives that you have an instant connection with - we are blessed to have them as godly examples!

The worship team (see the Zambian flag??) Worship in the USA, in our heart language...nothing like it!

Blu & Curtis

Georgia was humid but SO beautiful! We kept taking pics of the big trees like tourists!

Meanwhile back in Texas....the kids enjoyed the weekend at Paw & B-Maw's with their cousins Andie & AJ!

Caedmon works on "The Mighty Jungle Clubhouse"

Best friends!

Cason gets a ride :)

Brownies & ice cream!

Roasting hot dogs & s'mores

More motorcycle rides!

Swimming pool wasn't working, so they got out the sprinklers and had just as much fun!

Love these faces!

Time to ride the tractor!

Sunday morning - headed to church!

Our kids are so blessed to have 4 godly grandparents!

Worn out!

(Sidenote: uploading pics in America is SOOO easy!!) We have a pretty light week this week and then this next weekend off for Labor Day so we are going RV camping with the Tidwell side of the family! After Labor Day we have 3 straight months of weekend speaking!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our first week in Texas!

Here is our week in a nutshell: Spoke at FBC Bangs, kids started school, Meet the Teacher night, Gymnastics class for all 3, lunch with Blu's parents, trip to the library, swimming at Paw & B-Maw's, trip to Lampasas to meet my parents for lunch & dominoes, and soccer practice for Caedmon! Tomorrow the kids will stay in Brownwood with grandparents while we fly to Atlanta for a global missions conference! Busy busy!

Blu got a little bit of time in working with his dad on a rent house they are remodeling. I kept hearing Blu say, "I need this tool in Zambia!"

Homework at the Brownwood public library!

Picking out books for their daily reading time

His toe is healing...kinda... :)

Me & my mama :)

The boys usual...

Ready for soccer practice!

Lots of running!

Poor guy is kicking with his left foot since his toe is still healing!