Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Pictures!

Hope made our storage container pretty - the flowers spell out New Day! :)
We took the kids on a mini field trip to visit with Hope, John, & Chris! They were fascinated by all of it! I tried to explain to curious Muchoni how a prosthetic eye fits into your eye socket!
This was the first eye patient John made an eye for. She is a nun who lost her left eye as a child when a spark of fire got into it. She had two prosthetic eyes with her, but she didn't wear them because neither was a proper fit. She was very pleased with her new eye!
Jordan took some pics of some of our staffers. I love this pic of Hildah!
John & Axer :)
Chris built a leg for Mubun!! Remember when he was baptized by Kalenga last year?? Here Chris, Blu, & Wes help him take his first steps!
We love the library murals! Hope did different scenes from some of the kids' favorite books: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, A Fly Went By, The 3 Bears, The 3 Little Pigs, I Love You Stinky Face, A Big Ball of String, Daniel in the Lions' Den, Curious George, Little House on the Prairie, etc.!
Margaret, Axer, & Gertrude :)
LOVE this pic of Phillip :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Bluboy :)

Blu turned 31 years old today!! Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that he was turning 17 and I bought him personalized floor mats for his truck! And then other times...that feels like forever ago! I am thankful every day for my Bluboy! Here are some pics from his day! Money from Blake & Dawni & family!
A pullup bar (we are doing P90x!) from Papa Ron & Mama Dee
An electric razor from Blu's parents - he's needed one forever!
Blu got TWO watches for his birthday! His exact words to me were "Tell everyone who asks that I need a watch - I need two or three watches!" :) BLu has been known to break a watch or two... ;)
Blu takes time out of his party to talk to Kelitah about her decision to accept Jesus as her Savior!
Blu sitting at his birthday party - the New Day kids were SO excited!
We asked Blu to make it easy for them and not run from the water, so he just plopped himself onto the dirt and let the water flow!
This is my favorite pic! The staff (who might have had some direction from an unnamed person who likes to write blogs.....) surprised him on Wednesday night when he came out of the dining hall with some water from the freezer!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Night Prayer & Praise

We love our Wednesday night prayer & praise time! It is a blast to sing and dance with the kids, and then to hear their tender prayer requests and listen to them pray! Last night was INCREDIBLE as we found out that SIX of our New Day kids prayed to receive Christ yesterday! Francis, Ben, Muchoni, Cynthia, Sisi, and Kelitah all approached their two house mothers and said they were ready to ask Jesus into their hearts! What a great reminder that THIS is what it's all about! :) Blu & I sing with little Laurie and Caedmon
Cambree gets a ride from Kelitah!
Hope & John get some love from the kids!
Gotta love Joseph's smile :)
Margaret singing a praise song

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Let the week begin!

Eye and leg patients wait to board the New Day bus to head to the hospital!
Chris works on baby Luckson
This boy is SO cute and brave! :)
John works with an eye patient
Blu uses the down time with the patients to share Christ
He keeps it simple by drawing a gospel presentation in the dirt
Hope working on the library mural!
18 kids + 18 brushes + oil-based black paint = NIGHTMARE!!!! But I do love this pic of Axer!
My face says it all...
Caedmon worked hard - anybody know how to get oil-based paint out of hair?!
(photo credit to Jordan Overturf) Francis
(photo credit to Jordan Overturf) My favorite picture of Cynthia!
(photo credit to Jordan Overturf)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Texas Team!

Hope & Jordan are back, and they brought John & Chris with them! Hope will be painting murals in our library and on our storage container. She will also be helping the kids paint the playground and doing a painting in Mulenga & Kalenga's house! Jordan is busy journaling the trip for his newspaper back home. John will be sculpting and fitting people with prosthetic eyeballs, while Chris will be busy making prosthetic legs! What a fun week of ministry this will be! Brother cuddles before the team arrives
We were SOOOOO spoiled by this team!!! It took me 3 hours to find places for all of this!! :)
The kids are enjoying time with my mom & dad's good friend John!
The prosthetic leg workshop on the Matthew House front porch!
Hope has plenty of helpers!
Hope starts work on the container!
Poor Blu got stung on his forehead in his quest to clear the containers of bees for Hope to paint!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Website Changes!

Check out our website changes! At the top you can click on "staff" or "new day kids" to read bios and see pics of all of the staff and kids at New Day! Blu worked hard on this and did a great job! :)

Vehicle Fundraiser Update!

We now have just over $20,000 in our new vehicle fundraising account! Thank you to the churches and individuals who have given in the last couple of weeks!! Only $12,000 to go!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chattanooga, Tennessee Team!

We have enjoyed having Kit & Mary Ann, Robert, Becky, & Jeremy here from Tennessee this week! They have spent each day out in the villages of Nabukowa and Kabanga doing Bible storying. They are each telling stories and we are so impressed with how smoothly it is going and how much time they obviously spent in preparation for this! The people are having good discussions and asking a lot of questions - we know that this team has planted seeds that we will be able to see grow in coming years! Robert teaching in the village
Mary Ann loved holding the babies!
I love little Laurie :)
Kit is an amazing teacher - I love this picture with the hut in the background!
He also taught Sunday School AND preached this morning at New Day Church!
Kalenga showing off his kitchen :)
17 year old Jeremy teaching a Bible story
He also killed a rabbit one night with one shot!
And the New Day kitchen served it the next day!
Francis (all of the boys really!) loves riding Caedmon's bike!
Cason, our little ham
Cambree with her two front teeth missing
Caedmon says he's growing his hair out LONG!
Blu & Darbi at church this morning - we were squinting because of the wind!
Becky teaching her Bible story
and hugging a baby! :)