Saturday, October 29, 2016

It's's's hot in here....

It must be October in our atmosphere! (Ok, that was a little cheesy..)

So it's hot in Zambia. Very hot. 105+ degrees every single day. Only one day of rain so far, and 4 days of 12 hour power outages, along with our regular load shedding schedule = no fun! But we have almost made it through the month and we are praying for an awesome rainy season! Our spirits are up, because we have Halloween coming up (yay!), Cambree's 10th birthday, Thanksgiving, Cason's 8th birthday, and then our vacation to Capetown! But meanwhile, it's hot. :)

At our tailgate party last weekend, Caedmon came head to toe in his Rogers Eagles gear!

Pretty amazing how after a full day of school and a soccer game, his hair can still look this good. ;)

It's hard when your Mom is your Math teacher...and it's hot...

Cason is LOVING not being the youngest with little Grayson and CH around! He likes having someone to "big brother!"

This child looks just like his daddy...

Meanwhile, in Costa Rica, Rita & Keysi locked Cloud out of the house... this made me laugh!

Our flamboyant tree - makes me smile every time I look outside!

My 4th grade Reading class (plus Mweene, who's in 2nd grade but an awesome reader!)

Work is progressing on Happy Hollow!

Jacey's little ducklings are growing!

Grayson and CH love having Jacey around!

An afternoon rain shower!

Mama Dee getting some Luyando love at Kids Club!

Mama Liz calls her an angel - such a good baby!

Headed to church - ready for the heat!

Meanwhile, back in Brownwood.... :(

Keeping cool on Zambia's Independence Day with a water balloon fight!

Beating the heat!

Friday, October 21, 2016

It's My Birthday!

My 36th birthday was a great one! Power was out for 12.5 hours, and it was 100+ degrees outside, but I didn't let that get me down! I had a SUPER day!

A (purple!) Fitbit from Blu!

A 2 page letter from my 11 year old son...I do NOT take this for granted!

A handmade knitted bag from sweet Cambree!

And Cason gave me his miniature ketchup bottle! Ya'll, this is a HUGE deal!!!

My mama's famous handmade coffee cup card, plus money at amazon to buy new swimsuits for our upcoming beach trip!

A necklace scarf from my sis!

My sweet Blu did the dishes all day, made me a salad for lunch, and made supper with my parents!

After a good day at school (power was out so no computer class!!! I got to read one of my favorite books to the olde kids!!), it was time for the October monthly birthday party!

My favorite kind of cake!

Superman for Muchoni, chocolate chip cookie cake for me, and a Zambia flag cake for Mulenga! (with some help from Justin & Emma, who think it's their birthday every month!)

Justin was so cute :)

It's been a LONG time since my Daddy lighted my birthday candles!

Much needed new dish towels and trivets, plus lotion and perfume!

I make some great faces when I'm running from water..

Jacey did a great job on Muchoni's Superman cake!

Lots of soccer/sports stuff for this 12 year old!

Mulenga's birthday is on Independence Day, thus the Zambian flag cake!

Emma took her job VERY seriously..

And the water pouring...when it's 100+ degrees outside, it's hard to do anything but smile!

Hugs for this boy :)

Cason loving this!

Mama Tembo was the only one who got me with ice water!

Mean ole' Liz!

Muchoni is FAST!

But they got him!

The look on Mulenga's little boy's face is hilarious!

We are getting too old to run, so we just stood there..

We knew this was coming...

And some reading on the couch with my girl.. :)

We had a delicious supper of grilled bbq chicken made by Dad, roasted potatoes and broccoli made my Mom, and casserole onion bread made by Blu. I loved my special day and am grateful that in 2008, this little girl was born on my birthday. I wonder what she is doing in heaven with Jesus today!