Saturday, October 1, 2016

Beijing - Friday - Snack Street & Beijing Zoo

Friday was an even more low-key day in Beijing for us...we slept late again. :) We actually only left our hotel for 4 1/2 hours!

Our first stop was Wangfujing Street - known to tourists as Snack Street! It is more like what we see in Zambia - packed in stalls of vendors all trying to sell you their goods. In Beijing, however, their "goods" consist of all sorts of interesting culinary products..

Fried scorpion, anyone?

Blu decided to pass on the scorpion - he had his eyes on the snake!

He said it was squishy and disgusting and did NOT taste like chicken!

I passed on the food and instead bought some silk for Cambree to make me a pillow!

The wonders in Beijing just never cease!!!

So after Snack Street, we decided to hit up the Beijing Zoo to see the giant pandas (for $3 each...who could resist this?!) I'll be very honest here...the zoo was LAME. We completely passed the African Animals exhibit (duh), and the American Animals exhibit consisted of 4 llamas!

About halfway through our walk through the zoo, I became VERY hangry...I needed food!

So we found an "Australian" cafe serving Chinese food in the zoo - we ordered and our food was out in about 47 seconds...a little iffy if you ask me!

Finally, the pandas! They were worth it!

After the zoo, it was time for our last subway ride back to the hotel!

And some ice cream...

And one last order of room service for supper - what better way to end our trip to China with a hamburger and quesadillas??? ;)

Goodbye Beijing - what an experience!

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