Friday, October 14, 2016

And just like that....

Two weeks have passed. What has happened?! I did not use to be such a horrible blogger! #33kidsatnewday #imateacher #igotaniphone #seebelow

Blu made a meme! I am so tired of hearing about the election.... But we did mail our ballots out! And we did NOT vote for Hillary or Trump! And I'm proud of that.
Caedmon & Cason all dressed up for a trip to Choma - this describes their personalities perfectly!

My little stud with the good hair...

I have also been busy with a Cambree's Room Makeover project! We promised her a "new" room when she turned 10 (which happens in 28 days!), so we are going with a turquoise & purple theme!

Cason spends most of his free time with his nose in this Action Bible!

Or doing cursive writing pages...

A little smile from Miss Emma

I've also been a little busy at Happy Hollow...ceiling is almost ready for boards!

And doing a little fall cooking!

With a few family nights of Girl Meets World thrown in!

And giving lots of haircuts!

Jacey, our 6 month intern, is staying busy! Every Thursday night, she joins us for supper (usually Tex-Mex..) before prayer & praise!

Jacey with her little ducklings! She teaches them from 9am to 10:30am every morning!

She stopped at the flagpole to ask them to tell her the colors in the Zambian flag - Emmanuel knew them all!

Prayer & praise last night was very eventful as Christina & Mama Dee both fell onto the concrete on their heads! It was very scary, and Mom ended up with a sore shoulder/elbow, a cut on her eyelid, and a very black eye! This picture does NOT do her injuries justice, but the other pictures are gross..

Mom is also helping Prisca get her sewing machine up and running. Prince will have her own little shop outside of the clinic to sew for people coming to New Day's grinding mill and store.

Miriam (Mulenga's wife) also has a little hairdressing shop outside of the clinic to earn some extra money for her family!

Mama Dee teaching Language Arts to the 4th graders

On a recent school holiday, Cambree hosted a tea party for me & Mom using our new China tea set! We had such a great time!

The Hostess

Lemon tea!

All dressed up.. our "tea party" clothes!

She made homemade lemon teacakes...from scratch...using no recipe..with lemon icing and a fruit tray!

October 14th, 2016 was a day we will always remember at New Day as we gained our 26th child! Three month old Luyando joined our family today! Her mom died in September, and her dad is still living but is not in good health. She was in the care of her grandmother who was feeding her mashed peanuts mixed with water. We are grateful to have the privilege of raising Luyando for the next 18 years and teaching her about Jesus!

She is a good eater!

Emma was not impressed with this new creature...

Justin was a little more open, but not really!

Both of her grandmothers came to drop her off at New Day.

What a cutie!

Mama Loveness will keep her for awhile in the Luyando House (fitting, don't you think??) until our new housemother arrives in December/January!

She was cooing and smiling at everyone!

She loves to stick out her tongue!

We also hired a new housemother today, a woman we interviewed about 2 years ago named Yolantah. Back then, the timing wasn't right with the age and education of her son, but now, we are convinced that this is the woman God has to take over the Lukondo House, and Elizabeth will soon be moving back into staff housing! Yolantah will arrive during the week of October 24th - we are so grateful God has answered our prayers for a new housemother!

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