Thursday, May 28, 2015

Clanton/Flintville Team Day One!

Well this has certainly been an eventful 2 days!! First, we welcomed Agnes into the New Day Family!

Agnes is 3 years old (born September 7, 11). As I write that, I can't help but think wow...New Day was here when she was born..just 45 minutes down the bumpy dirt road, we were building orphan houses and getting ready for her..

Agnes has a story somewhat different from our other children. She was actually living with her mother and grandmother before she came to New Day. Her mother has a physical disability (had a stroke and is paralyzed on the left side) and is unable to care for her. The family requested us to intervene, and Social Welfare signed custody over to us. What a blessing to get to share Jesus with this precious little girl!

About 5 minutes after Agnes arrived, the bus pulled up with our team from Clanton, Alabama and Flintville, Tennessee! This is Clanton's 3rd trip to New Day, but they have been to Zambia many, many times before New Day existed!

One of the team's biggest ministries this week is to host New Day's first ever Science Fair! The kids are split up into groups, doing different Science experiments/projects, and they will display their projects next week! (Francis is LOVING this!!) Here is a group working with Kevin, Grace, and Samantha on kinetic energy with marbles!

Trish and Rachel's group is working on wind resistance and parachutes!

Poor Steve & Chad are occupying our preschoolers during that time... ;)

Luumuno's sweet smile - he must really love this orange shirt because every picture I have of him he's wearing it!

Bear & Johnna worked with a group on wind resistance and paper airplanes! You can tell by the kids' faces they loved it!! :)

Chris & Sonya had an older group working on the steps of a scientific experiment (hypothesis, procedure, etc..)

In the mornings, a group is going to Kabanga Basic School to teach - Chad, a middle school Math teacher, did a great job!

Since this is our biggest team this year, we requested that they bring ALL of our curriculum for 2016 - 9 bags!! Thank you!!

Other team members stayed busy doing agriculture, painting bookshelves, washing clothes at the orphan houses, taking care of our babies, going to afternoon Bible study, and more!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Last of Prosthetic Pics!

The last leg and eye patients have returned to their villages, and the trunks are being packed away for another year! It was a great couple of weeks of ministry by Prosthetic Promises in His Name here at New Day! Thanks to John & Erin for these pictures that chronicle their last few days at New Day!

Teacher Abby

Blu, knowing he was being photographed, at Sunday's American Fellowship Meal

Remember Arnold from back in 2012??

3 years later! He was excited to get a new leg and some new toys!

This is a little boy who is completely blind - John was able to give him a prosthetic eye!

Hanging out at Kids Club

So fun to watch them walk for the first time!

That's the Winsman in him, for sure!

(This must be the Tidwell side..) ;)

Cambree sporting a new hairdo!

Crazy girl!

An impromptu water-pouring on Papa Wes!

My sweet Cason headed to church

The team had to go WAY out into a village to do a fitting on a 13 year old girl. Her poor mom has a lot of medical issues as well. So much need around us!

The 2 hour trip to find her village had a lot of roads that looked like this..

Pretty amazing to do a fitting under a tree in Africa..

This man was pretty excited about his leg!

Chris is praising the Lord!

So is he, after getting his leg!

Chris praying for a patient

Always smiling!!

Our sweet Christina!

Check out those Back-Row Baptists!

Daddy & Cambree at church

Blu teaching Adult Sunday School

This was the view in front of us at church.. ;)

Hildah, always smiling!

John preached a great sermon on the 3 Ananias's in the book of Acts!

Katie and Justin

Emma loves kisses from Papa Wes!

Cute little Terry!

Debbie was telling me a really funny story!

Just chatting after school!

Me & Erin at Kids Club

Fun with eyeballs! :)

Walking to church..

Emmanuel has such a personality!

Eness & Mary, who keep the kitchen running at New Day!

Erin and the Tidwell kids heading to school on Friday morning

Fence, the best landscaper ever!

More before and after eye pictures!

Father & daughter, ministering together!

John and Mweene, the boy he sponsors


Justin loves music!

Pretty Kelitah!

A laugh from Actress at Kids Club

Piling into the back of the truck after Kids Club

Teaching about Nehemiah

I love this man!

He can serve beans with the best of them!

Always working.. ALWAYS.


Where's Waldo? (or Cason?)

Erin & Christina

Erin decided she wanted to experience a ride in the back of the truck!

Is there room for one more?? (always...)

Sisi :)

Mama Loveness and Mama Joyce

Hanging out at the Luyando House

Mama Lala, looking good!

Amazing what John can do!

Mama Lala marching to Discipleship Class!

All the kids love their Uncle Mulenga!

A rare natural smile from Mweene & Phillip!

Oh my goodness....this old lady was hilarious!! She danced around once she got her new eye, and when Blu told her she could take it out and clean it, she said, "NO!! I'm not taking this out! The doctor put this in, and I'm NOT taking it out! If I take it out and set it down, a chicken might come by and eat it! Then I will have to kill that chicken because he ate my eye! Then I will have to find the chicken's owner and kill him for letting his chicken eat my eye!!" It was hilarious!!!!

Papa Tembo

Debbie's sister and niece have been here visiting as well - Sarah has loved playing with the babies!

School under construction from the tank stand!

I love this pic of Sisi, Ben, & Cynthia! (& Caedmon!)

Heading to youth girls' Bible study across the river

Sisiliah is still running the New Day Store!

Look how cute Papa Wes & Mama Lala are!

Wes is definitely going to win our The Biggest Loser competition that ends on July 1st! He has been riding his bike everywhere! :)

New Day is ready to welcome a team of 18 on Wednesday and excited about a full week of ministry!