Thursday, May 28, 2015

Clanton/Flintville Team Day One!

Well this has certainly been an eventful 2 days!! First, we welcomed Agnes into the New Day Family!

Agnes is 3 years old (born September 7, 11). As I write that, I can't help but think wow...New Day was here when she was born..just 45 minutes down the bumpy dirt road, we were building orphan houses and getting ready for her..

Agnes has a story somewhat different from our other children. She was actually living with her mother and grandmother before she came to New Day. Her mother has a physical disability (had a stroke and is paralyzed on the left side) and is unable to care for her. The family requested us to intervene, and Social Welfare signed custody over to us. What a blessing to get to share Jesus with this precious little girl!

About 5 minutes after Agnes arrived, the bus pulled up with our team from Clanton, Alabama and Flintville, Tennessee! This is Clanton's 3rd trip to New Day, but they have been to Zambia many, many times before New Day existed!

One of the team's biggest ministries this week is to host New Day's first ever Science Fair! The kids are split up into groups, doing different Science experiments/projects, and they will display their projects next week! (Francis is LOVING this!!) Here is a group working with Kevin, Grace, and Samantha on kinetic energy with marbles!

Trish and Rachel's group is working on wind resistance and parachutes!

Poor Steve & Chad are occupying our preschoolers during that time... ;)

Luumuno's sweet smile - he must really love this orange shirt because every picture I have of him he's wearing it!

Bear & Johnna worked with a group on wind resistance and paper airplanes! You can tell by the kids' faces they loved it!! :)

Chris & Sonya had an older group working on the steps of a scientific experiment (hypothesis, procedure, etc..)

In the mornings, a group is going to Kabanga Basic School to teach - Chad, a middle school Math teacher, did a great job!

Since this is our biggest team this year, we requested that they bring ALL of our curriculum for 2016 - 9 bags!! Thank you!!

Other team members stayed busy doing agriculture, painting bookshelves, washing clothes at the orphan houses, taking care of our babies, going to afternoon Bible study, and more!

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