Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Fun!

Today has been a fun day of school, prosthetics, dance parties, Bible studies, etc.! Here's a glimpse!

Erin & her "favorite", Lulu!

Craft time with Teacher Erin!

Kefbert :)

Now that looks like trouble!!

Lulu is easy to love!

Chris and Luckson - the little boy she has made a prosthesis for the last 3 years!

Here they are back in 2012!

Oh ya know..just leaving on my motorbike with my new prosthetic leg..

Raphael with his new leg!

We also took a "Friday Field Trip" to the prosthetic and eye workshops to see what was going on! The kids loved watching Greenford learn to walk on his new leg!

Chris & Katie with the Kindergarten class!

The kids call John "John Brinkley" and Christina said, "Can we please go see what John Brinkley is doing??" ;)

Gertrude and an eye :)

Showing Grades 3-5 how to make a prosthetic leg!

Did I mention that they have done 20 legs and 20 eyes this year??? Insane! I hope to get more pics of the before/after eye patients and the leg patients walking to blog soon!

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