Thursday, May 14, 2015

Prosthetics & More

The Prosthetics team is here, which means chaos galore!! It is worth it though - today I watched an old woman get up and dance after seeing her new eye in the mirror, and I watched Arnold get ready to receive his 3rd leg from the team (he was 8 when he got his first one - 12 years old now!) Here are a few pics from Wednesday, with some other randomness thrown in!

He's a growin' boy...look at all that food - hot dogs, sandwiches, chips, Oreos, etc...

Her hair is getting long!!

My daughter's first basketball "injury" - I'm so proud!!

On Wednesday, the team spent the day at Choma Hospital, doing fittings for the "town" patients. Blu stuck around to serve as an interpreter.

Chris hard at work

Erin went and hung out for awhile at our girls' orphan house

John, very busy!

Look at that smile from Baby Justin!

Katie, doing her thing!

Malilwe (and Terry!)


On Monday, we received word that Salome, one of our church widows, was very sick. She has been sick for awhile and the New Day kids have been faithfully praying for her. Blu & Wes went to visit her Monday, and on Tuessday night she passed away. Most of the New Day staff and kids attended her funeral today. She had professed Christ as her Savior, and we know she is dancing with Him today!

Salome's baptism

Me sitting outside her hut

Salome & Cambree

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