Monday, May 18, 2015

Prosthetics Saturday - Monday

I stole all of these pictures off of Erin's camera today so you can see what's been going on around here!

Basketball at Kids Club!

We are being overrun by bees here at New Day - they are making hives everywhere!!

My little diva...

Chris hard at work...they work from about 7am to 8pm every single day they are here!

Cynthia chillin' at Kids Club

Emmanuel flying his plastic kite

Emmanuel showing off what he made with "Teacher Erin!" :)

Look! It's Erin again! The only time there are pics of her are if she lets the kids play with her camera...

Look at the intricacy of this eyeball...grosses me out a little (lot) but it's still amazing!!

The girls loved their pinwheels!

John painting veins onto an artificial eye

Justin shows off the new shoes and socks that his sponsor Katie brought him!

Katie hard at work!

Getting fed at Kids Club

The kids will turn anything into a toy!

Aw...Luumuno's first crafts!

Who is this masked man (girl?)

Church at New Day - we were early!

Our 3 youngest..Prince, Terry, and Luumuno

It was mine & Blu's turn to teach Sunday School

And a sunset to end our day..

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