Saturday, May 16, 2015

Prosthetics Thursday/Friday

Lots of fun to be had around New Day the last couple of days!!

Caedmon got his very own Rogers Eagles cap from their star football player, a member of my Dad's church! Thanks Brody!!

Erin & Cambree

Erin subbed for our 3rd grade Science class the day of Salome's funeral

She much preferred the 5th grade class, who were studying DNA!

The kids gathered around John watching the Aggie Band march!! :)

Mama Liz & Emma

Our Mama Joyce

Mama Loveness & Christina

And Mama Loveness with Baby Justin

Looks like a fun (crazy!!) Art class!!

Phillip in Art class

Here's Erin!

My Friday afternoon youth girls' Bible study

Erin also led Music class, where she taught the kids how to march in the band like she does!

Surely there's a person under there...

One of my favorite pictures ever - I love the New Day library!!

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