Monday, May 4, 2015

Welcome to Luumuno!

Today New Day received its 22nd orphan - a 5 year old boy named Luumuno. (Pronunciation: Loo-moo-no, with the accent on the Loo, Meaning: Peace). Luumuno was born on March 5th, 2010 to his 15 year old mother and 17 year old father. His father died just one year later, and his mother died in 2013. He has been living with his grandmother. Though he was a little shell-shocked at first, he soon smiled as he discovered the playground slide. What a privilege it is to get to show him God's love and teach him about Jesus!

Waiting for her new brother to arrive!

His new (and most likely first) bed to sleep in - complete with a gorgeous quilt made by some ladies in Texas!

Upon stepping out of the truck, he saw lots and lots of faces.. (and cameras!)

Prince was so excited to greet his new brother!

There's a smile - first time down the slide!

The other kids were more excited about his new clothes/shoes/school uniform than he was!

Meeting Papa Wes

Smiles all around - a happy day at New Day!

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