Thursday, April 30, 2015

Busy Week!

This is the last week before school starts back, and it has turned into a busy week!

First, we said goodbye to our team and the Garrett family - our kids were so sad!

Caedmon & Peyton

Reagan, Sidney, & Cambree

On Tuesday, we hosted all of the boys for a sleepover at our house - there were LOTS of boys at our house!! Muchoni, Misheck, Francis, Ben, Phillip, Mweene, Joseph, Kefbert, Terry, Emmanuel, Mapalo, Caedmon, & Cason!!

A random dance party in the middle of our living room

Aaahhh!!! It was too loud for Mama & Cason!!

On Wednesday, we began babysitting Baby Emma for 2 days while Mama Liz went to Gwembe - it was fun/crazy/exhausting having a baby in the house again, but our 3 kids sure did love it!!

She smiles whenever Caedmon, Cambree, or Cason are around!

Meanwhile, Emma's twin hangs out with Mama Loveness in the Luyando house

A throwback to our field trip - me holding Emma and watching Cason ride a horse

Malilwe - this girl ALWAYS makes me smile!!

Today, power was out from 8am to 5pm, and we all got a little bored! I decided to work on the SEVEN "cakes" that have to be made for Tuesday's May Birthday Party! Cinnamon bread, cocoa bread, brownies, cookie cake, two round cakes, and coconut chess pie - whew!

Tonight, it is the girls' turn for a sleepover! Sisi, Cynthia, Kelitah, Glory, Gertrude, Christina, Axer, Malilwe, Lulu, Laurie, Luse (Protashow's daughter - a visiting friend), and Cambree!

Tomorrow is Friday! I plan to spend the morning in my classroom so I am ready for school next week! 96 days until furlough - only 2 months until my 3 kids leave for the USA!

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