Friday, April 17, 2015

New Day's Field Trip 2015!

We just got back from our field trip, and we had a great time!! Don't get me wrong...we are exhausted! We spent 18 hours in the bus with 29 kids in the last 4 days! However, getting to watch them experience all sorts of new things in Lusaka was absolutely worth it! Everything ran smoothly, something we were really praying for! Despite the fact that it rained every. single. day. while we were there, we still had a great time. We walked away with only 3 stitches (Coby Cook cut his thumb with his knife) and a small scrape on the back of the bus where Blu backed into a van. Hey, things can't go PERFECTLY or it wouldn't be a New Day field trip! Blu is working on a video of the trip, but for now here are some pics - enjoy!

Sitting outside at night with my man...waiting for 29 kids to fall asleep in their tents before we could go to bed...

Hanging out with Kef

The bus looked like this after the first 6 hour trip!

First stop - an elephant orphanage! This was the kids' first time to see elephants!

A quick picnic outside the elephant orphanage

Sisi & Cynthia were so excited!

My seat buddy on the bus :)

I also held mini-Mulenga while he slept :)

Oh! I should probably insert here some of the kids' comments in the big city of Lusaka! The little ones sat behind us (Lulu, Prince, Kefbert, Terry) and were so fascinated with everything! Kefbert kept asking, "Are we in Lusaka? Is this Lusaka?" He couldn't grasp the fact that ALL of it was Lusaka, so he finally decided our campground must be Lusaka! Every time we pulled up, he would say, "We've reached Lusaka!!" Meanwhile, Terry stood up the whole time and made loud truck sounds every time a big truck passed us! Gertrude's comment was my favorite though - on the way to dinner, we were stuck in traffic and she looked around at all the other vehicles in confusion and turned to me and said, "They're all coming to eat with us????" ;)

The kids loved all the statues around our campsite!

In line for supper!

Gertrude & Axer enjoying the pool. I didn't get many swimming pictures because I was too busy counting 29 kids over and over again to make sure they were all right there!!!

The kids loved the water though and swam even when it was raining and freezing! Kelitah & Muchoni were definitely the ones who swam the best and enjoyed the pool the most!

Our little Terry is a handful!! He likes to climb all over you and kiss you all over!

Vanessa....dubbed the Best Dressed Camper...using a "bush toilet" for the first time ;) I'm going to be in a lot of trouble for posting this!!

Papa Wes and his boys

On Wednesday morning, it was time to head to a horse & pony farm - the kids LOVED this and it was so fun to watch them! The girls loved braiding the horses' tails!

Caedmon & Reagan working on some grooming

Cambree leading Misheck

Cambree didn't enjoy the bareback riding very much - she yelled "I want off!!" as soon as I took this!

She did better with a saddle!

This just might be my favorite pic of the entire field trip :)

Christina leading Kefbert

Cynthia was a great groomer!

Glory (who has her leg wrapped from a huge spider bite!) was terrified but did great!

The group with their horses

My first group was the first group to ride and they were pretty nervous/excited!

Joseph rarely stops smiling!

Even Baby Justin got a ride!

Kefbert leading Christina

Kelitah going off on her own!

Little Laurie leading Cynthia

Lulu acting like she owns the usual.. ;)

Misheck loved it!

Mulenga and his mini-me Mapalo - Mapalo was debating whether or not he should get on that giant animal!

Mweene, taking his grooming job very seriously!

Phillip and Sisi working on braids

Such fun!

Back at the campsite, we played lots and lots of basketball..

On Wed night, we headed to one of the huge malls to eat at Spur. As we waited on the staff bus, we spotted this huge crane and the kids were fascinated as Uncle Blu explained how it worked!

Terry was a little unsure of it..

The staff table at the restaurant

Time for the escalator - Blu got some great video of this!!

The kids' table

Look who came to eat with us! Auntie Michelle, her husband Ray, and Baby Josh!

Thursday morning was the part of the field trip everyone was the most excited about - airplane rides! We went to the Flying Mission of Zambia and had quick lesson on airplanes (I learned a lot!) and then 6 different groups got to take 10 minute airplane rides! It was SO exciting to watch and experience everyone's excitement!!

Teacher Hildah & Francis all ready to go!

Kefbert was the only one who was REALLY scared - he stood and watched each group take off and land very carefully! By the time it was his turn (the last group) he decided it might actually be fun!!

Elizabeth came off the airplane so excited!

But was hard to top this. Mama Loveness came off of the airplane laughing and staggering. She grabbed everyone in sight, hugging them hard, and with tears in her eyes said, "I would have died! I was going to die without having been in an airplane!" I got choked up just watching her!!

Muchoni went first and he was maybe just a LITTLE scared.. ;)

We all gathered to wave to each group as they took off and landed!

After a long afternoon of swimming, it was time for our party for our April birthdays! Axer will be seven tomorrow!

We celebrated Prince, Debbie, Ricky, Kelsey, & Axer!

Prince will be 4 on the 24th!

He loved his first New Day Birthday party!

Now that we are back home, I can guarantee you that 1) every washing machine at New Day is running right now, and 2) we will ALL be sleeping late tomorrow! Thanks again to everyone who gave to make this trip possible and to those who prayed for it to go smoothly!

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