Friday, April 24, 2015

A Late Afternoon Stroll

Back in the beginning days of New Day, every evening Blu and I would take a walk to see the construction progress that had been made that day. We haven't done that in awhile, so yesterday afternoon we took a walk to what had been going on!

This is going to be an amazing basketball court one day soon! Several of the New Day kids are really good at basketball! We envision hosting other schools here for tournaments one day!

Over by our orphan houses, we saw these little plots. Looks like the New Day kids have been making their own gardens!

The new school block is going up fast! This is the view from the road (see the tank stand).

And this is the view standing on the porch of our current classroom block.

This is the former girls' staff house (this was Mama Liz's room). We had to add bathrooms, but it will soon be ready for a housemother and can hold up to 10 kids!

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