Sunday, April 26, 2015


For the past month, the New Day kids have been learning a children's musical called Game Changers with Aunt Vanessa. This musical talked about different heroes of the Bible. It was fun to come to church this morning and see our kids dressed up as tons of different Bible characters!

First though, our morning started with a breakfast of cappuccino muffins made by Cambree! (no muffin mixes in this house - these are from scratch!)

Caedmon was Paul

Dayna, from our team visiting from Celebration Church near Atlanta, hanging out with Terry before church

Look! Teacher Diana is back!!

Queen Esther and friends!

Queen Esther...and Evil Haman behind her picking his nose...

Haman's looking pretty evil! Poor Kefbert beside him didn't really want to participate, so Cason kept glaring at him and whispering, "Sing!!"

A little bit of first world technology in the African bush..hanging up the GoPro!

After the play, Pastor Mike gave an awesome sermon from Psalm 4!

Kelitah made a great Noah! She liked her beard. :)

Paul, Jonah, and Peter hanging out before it started

These boys made up the "rap group" in the musical - they were awesome!

One of my sweet Kids Club boys, Royd, enjoyed every bit of it!

The kids did a great job! Vanessa was so patient with them and her hard work paid off - it was another way to share the stories of the Old and New Testament with many who have never heard! The team and the Garrett family leave tomorrow, and New Day will be quiet for a couple of weeks before our annual Prosthetic team arrives!

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