Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How We Got Our Names

So yesterday I missed Show and Tell Tuesday, and the topic was “Tell All About How You Got Your Names/Your Kids’ Names!” How fun is that, especially coming from a family full of weird names like us!

Blu was named after a dog on some western show…I think! His brothers are named Cloud & Shade, and they all go by their middle names. No, their parents were not hippies. No, they are not Native American. They just liked the names!

My dad came up with the name Darbi, and he liked the “I” ending instead of the “y.” I like that I have a different name!

From the time I was 16, I knew that I wanted to name my first son Caedmon. I loved the band Caedmon’s Call (1990s Contemporary Christian), and when I met Blu and introduced him to their music, he loved them too! For the complete story of the name Caedmon, you can click here. I really wanted to name him Caedmon Blu, but Blu vetoed that so we went with Luke.

When we were dating back in 1999, we talked about using the name “Rain” for our future daughter’s middle name. The name I loved was Audrey Rain. However, when I started teaching, I taught a girl named Cambry, and I loved her name! I had never heard it before and thought it was so different and beautiful! I didn’t like the “y” ending, so we decided to go with Cambree Rain.

By the time the 3rd pregnancy came around, we knew our child had to have a Ca name, and a one-syllable middle name! We never even picked out a girl’s name, assuming this one would be a boy, and we were right! We discussed Cash and Canon, but one day we were driving by Cason Cove on Lake Brownwood, and we both looked at each other and said “Cason!” When I told my Grandma what his name would be, her mouth dropped open as she realized that Cason Cove was where her best friends, the Cason family, lived when she grew up on Lake Brownwood in the 1920s…pretty amazing! We had a hard time with his middle name, sorting through all sorts of one syllable biblical names, but I finally let Blu pick and he liked Mark.

And there you have it – that’s how the Tidwell family got their names!

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