Monday, September 14, 2009

Progress in Zambia!!

Blu is halfway through his 2 week trip to Zambia and he and his brother Cloud have gotten so much accomplished!!! Things that shouldn't be happening fast are happening fast! Blu said it's like God has paved the way for us. Here are some things they've accomplished!

1) Vehicle! We have a truck--purchased, registered, and ready to drive when we get in Zambia in January! Blu has been driving it while he's there.

2) Visas! We got all of our forms submitted and we had almost everything we needed!! We were able to quickly run background checks and get those in, so now all documents are in and we should have final approval for our visas in 14 days!

3) NGO Status! We have submitted our application to the proper people and are now just waiting their approval.

4) Housing! Blu met a missionary who lives in the area we are moving to and they are going on furlough in December. They are looking for someone to rent our house--US! Blu said it is a very nice house, with wireless internet, and will be completely furnished! When they get back after a year, they will be selling some of their furnishings, hopefully to us! Security wise, there is a huge wall around it with 4 feet of electric fence at the top! YAY!! I am so relieved to have a place to stay with the kids and feel safe while Blu is out in the bush building!

5) Land! Ok, we thought we had 130 acres of land, but it turns out there is just 40. That's ok! 40 acres is plenty and less overwhelming! Blu said the land looks great and has already been all cleared for us.

6) Electricity! Blu met with the electric company and we have to submit to them architectural plans pretty detailed so that they can see how much power they will need to get out to the land. Estimates are that we will have power by next July and should roughly cost $15,000.

7) Other things! We have a cell phone and a p.o. box. That means when we get into the country (roughly Jan 21), we will have a car to drive, a house to live in, and a way to contact our families back home. God is so good!!

That's all I know for now--I'll update more later! Thanks for praying!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Trip to College Station

This past weekend, we drove down to College Station to speak at Parkway Baptist Church. When we got married, we lived in the apartments across the street from the church, so after being married 8 days, we walked over. We loved the small atmosphere and the friendliness of the people. We soon plugged in and got involved with the youth group and music ministry. It was at Parkway that God really begin to call us into a life of obedience to Him. Our kids misbehaved ALL weekend long, but we still had a good trip!
We drove halfway on Friday night to Mom and Dad's. Mama Dee and Caedmon enjoyed some reading time together!

Just because she's cute.. :)

Blu, making a strange face, and Baby Case

We got to visit with the Duncans, our good friends who had Baby #5 four days prior!! Their backyard was a kids' paradise!

My friend Amanda

The Three Stooges - Blu with Pastor Chris and Bro. Bob

The Vacation Bible School raised $1,500 for the orphanage in June!

Our sweet friends, Tom and Ann Foster

So innocent looking.. ha.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Amazing Blu..

From bunkbeds to porch swings, if it's made out of wood, Blu can build it!! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day!!

Today was Caedmon and Cambree's first day of Mother's Day Out at FBC Brownwood! With new backpacks, lunch boxes, nap mats, and blankets they were ready to finally start this day that we had been talking about for so long! I was surprised when we got there that 4 year old Caedmon was the one who freaked out and cried and clung to me! Cambree marched into her classroom like she owned the place!! They both had a great day though and Caedmon even came home with a library book he had checked out that we all read together! I sure am gonna love Tuesdays and Thursdays! :)