Thursday, October 11, 2018

2 Weeks!

Hard to believe that it's only been 2 weeks since I've blogged, yet my pictures show SUCH a range of activities!!! We have celebrated a birthday, been to Dallas and back (three times), to Austin, and to a variety of schools in our area for sports events! Whew!! In no semblance of order at all, here are the last 2 weeks of our lives!

We attended our first Theater Conference in Dallas, but the second day we were there, Caedmon had a football game 3 hours away.. So we snuck away to drive to his game! They won (again...they're 4-0!) and it was worth it to get to make a mean face with our #9 after the game!

Who's that holding his helmet?!

Love me some run through signs!

Blu and I made a delivery to Austin last Friday, so we stopped by real quick to see my sister and her family in Georgetown! Abigail didn't want a picture taken, though. ;)

Silly Amos!

Uncle Blu & Isaac

Me and Dawni - 6 months between visits this time!

We delivered to 2 schools in Manor and it was SOOO humid!

Blu celebrated his 37th birthday! A friend made him a Chick-fil-a cake!

We had a small family party and ordered Chick-fil-a for everyone!

Lots of cups for working in the shop!

We got him a laser tag game - our family has had such fun with this already!

37 looks good on him ;)

Cason being silly on a random Wednesday night service!

And Cason singing on Sunday morning with the children's choir!

So back to our conference in Dallas, we spent 3 days there visiting with the 1700+ theatre teachers who attended from all over the state of Texas - fun fun!

Blu had fun!

Bmaw taught a class on wraps and it was SO full!

We had our theatre faces on!

Me and Paw waiting for Blu and Bmaw!

All set up and ready to go!


We enjoyed some good food at the conference - Southern healthy eatery Ida Claire!

And Mr. Sushi, which me and Bmaw LOVED!

Paw..not so much.

Meanwhile, Mom & Dad kept our kids in Brownwood and worked on some things for their house construction!

More football watching!

Love that both of his Grandpas come to watch him play!

Caedmon & Sierra

And photobombed by their youth minister!

8th grade football can get pretty intense...


We also had Homecoming Week - I sure do love the dress up days! Monday was 'Merica Day, and Cambree won for the Best Dressed 7th grade girl!

On Wednesday after church, we attended the town's bonfire!

Cason was just sitting staring at the fire so Blu went up to him and asked him what he was thinking about...he said, "I was thinking about all the different kinds of energy are in a fire - thermal energy, sound energy, etc..." I was thinking that, too.

If you're not from Texas, you might not know the mum thing - at Homecoming, the guys get the girls a mum to wear to the game, and the girls get the guy a garter.

Wednesday was Color Wars!

Ready for the game - and we won 27-0!!! Our first win since September 2016!!!

Cambree tried something new this year and went with a Headband Mum!

Tuesday was "Salad Dressing Day" - Caedmon was Ranch, Cambree was French, and Cason was Blue Cheese (and Cason won the Best Dressed 5th grade boy!)

Thursday was Throwback Day - Caedmon represented the 90s well!

Cambree - the 80s girl!

Cason was Urkel from the 90s!


Thursday was Pep Rally Day!

We got to see Cambree play in the band!

By Saturday, we were exhausted, but our day was full - starting with a church workday from 8-12!

After the workday, we hung at the park for a bit.

And then Caedmon & Sierra walked to Subway...alone....Wasn't he just 4?!

Caedmon's friends send me pictures throughout the day of Caedmon's faces... ;)

You have to admit, he's got style!

I spent my days 8am-3pm doing this (along with some bookkeeping at the computer!)

On Saturday after the church workday, we surprised the kids with a trip to Dallas to see Taylor Swift! We bought tickets back in May and couldn't wait to surprise them! We have been fans for a LOGN time!

Caedmon - somewhat impressed...

Cambree was SOOO pumped! (So was Blu.)

Cason thought it was all pretty underwhelming...


I might have been a little excited too!

We got in at 2am and up the next morning for Sunday School and church, so we took major naps Sunday afternoon and ended our day with a cookout with Paw and Bmaw!

And on to volleyball...we've been doing that on Monday nights! I get random messages from Cambree...

Volleyball in Dublin!

And we've been doing some cross country too! Caedmon enjoyed running and finished up the season this week! (One sport down!)

The 8th Grade Boys got 1st place in District!

He was SO excited about his gold medal!

And that takes us to Tuesday of this week, where we had a rare night at home so we had a family pool tournament and laser tag, Wednesday was Fields of Faith at Brownwood Stadium, and today is pep rally, volleyball game, and football game! Tomorrow is a delivery to West Texas for me and Blu, and WE WILL BE SLEEPING IN ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!