Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Family Visit!

Last Saturday, we had a nice visit from my sister Dawni and her 4 kids (Isabel, Abigail, Isaac, and Amos)! It was great to have them come to Brownwood and see our new home!

The boys!

Uncle Blu doing card tricks!

The original Winsman four!

The girls!

All 7 grandkids!

My purty Mama!


My sweet scizzer :)

Probably discussing a book..

Trampoline fun!

School and Sports...and Home and Work...and Halloween!

Whew! That's a lot to catch up on!

Basketball season has started! Cambree played the first game on B team, then got moved up to A team, so she's fluctuating between #22 and #10 this season! She's enjoying it and working hard!

Football season is over! The boys finished with an 8-1 record and had a great year!!

Tough faces!

Caedmon with his Bmaw!

Sister support at almost every game!

Cason is such a trooper following his two older siblings around to watch all their sporting events!

Go #5!

Caedmon and Malachi...doing their special handshake before the game!

So proud of my boy!

Grandparent fans!

And Sierra, of course... ;)

Cambree and Bri watching the game cheerleaders!

Cason comes for the concession stands...

The last game was COLD and rainy!

Cheering him on and waiting for the sun to set!

On Friday night, Caedmon and Cambree got to play with the high school band during the game. It was FREEZING!! Caedmon loved it and Cambree said she's about done with band!

Last pep rally!

Every now and then, we do some Algebra homework too...

Cambree at school (I stalk her friends' snapchats for pictures!)


Cason is still playing soccer with 2 tournaments left this Fall! He got to try out some Goalie last game!

He looks SO OLD in this picture!!

We enjoyed a family fun day at Blu's parents' church a couple of weekends ago! The Musical Chairs was a hit!

And perhaps a little dangerous..

In between all that, we did go and vote and Blu took this very illegal picture!

Hanging out at home over the weekend!

Caedmon and Paw

Paw dared Caedmon to jump in the pool in November...so he did...

Cambree & Andie enjoying some cousin time!

Just a little trombone practice with some Tv watching!

Dad unloading beams for the pier and beam foundation for their house!

We made a quick trip to College Station for Blu to preach at Parkway about New Day!

Protein shake for breakfast in the shop!

And of course...Halloween! It was SOOO cold and rainy, so our church's trunk or treat was moved to the outdoor breezeway between buildings...and we still froze!

Batman and Robin

Buzz & Woody

Lots of candy for Woody!

Captain Underpants!

Pharaoh and Moses

Pharaoh with his wife!

Our "trunk" was the 10 plagues! Kids had to choose a number and look under the bucket to see which plague they got!

Oh no! Flies!

We had a lot of fun even in the cold!!