Monday, December 11, 2017


Blu's parents, who kept our kids for the week, had a 7 day cruise of their own booked right after us, so they brought the kids to Galveston and we exchanged the kids for the boat! We had a few hours to kill, so we took the kids to the beach so they could play for awhile!

This little girl missed her Daddy!

Too cold for us!

Building in the sand!

This boy is ready to get on an airplane!

Cambree spends all her time collecting shells that she thinks Mama Dee will like!

Cason working hard!

The Castle

I love watching them play in the sand and waves!

All is right in the world when the 5 of us are back together!


We hopped in the car, hit up Chuck-e-Cheese's for a couple of hours, and then drove the 5ish hours up to Alvarado on Saturday night to stay with our dear friends the Taylors! We might have stayed up until midnight talking! And somehow I took zero pictures. #toobusytalking

On Sunday morning, Blu spoke at their Missions Brunch. Oh how I love that place - what memories are there for us as a YOUNG family!

After church, we headed to the park to get some visiting in with the gorgeous weather! Always great to see Mrs. Di-nee-na-na and Lisa!

Caedmon and Wyatt - best buds since (almost) birth!

Cambree and our BB, who we love so much! She will be serving a term as a missionary in Vancouver starting in January!

This lady has our hearts!

Cambree and some friends from GA Camp this summer!

Time to head home - unpack, laundry, and ready for the last week of school and the TONS of activities we have going on this week!

Just a Cruisin'!

For our Blu/Darbi vacation this year (not counting Ireland, of course ;), we opted for a cruise. Being just 6 hours from Galveston, it is a pretty cheap option for a 7 day vacation! Of course, there are some downfalls (LOTS of people....LOTS of alcohol...), but all in all it is a great way to get away! #nowifi We are so grateful for Paw & Bmaw for taking care of our kiddos, getting homework done, to and from school, basketball practice/games, UIL studied for, etc.!

We went on Friday night and stayed in a hotel for free (thank you credit card miles!) Blu had to finish his Perspectives class research paper first!

Waiting on our taxi! Beautiful weather for December!

We see it! Carnival Freedom, we're coming for you!

On the ship! Checking out the basketball court!

We stayed in a cheap, TINY room on the 2nd deck!

Relaxing for a few hours before we leave the port of Galveston!

Supper outfit for Saturday night!

Sunday was a day at sea, so we took advantage of some things the ship had to offer - like the Knockout Competition!

And the awesome chair pods!

And miniature golf!

Let's not forget the broiled lobster...

Sunday was our first "Elegant Night" for supper! I love getting all dressed up!

Blu humors me...

It was also the night of the Super Moon!

Monday was another fun day at sea, so we hung out around the ship some more (as if we had other options...!!) First stop - to the Geography Competition! I won by answering 19 out of 20 questions right! (And I will now never forget the capitol of Cambodia...)

On Book #2!

It was a little bit windy!

Supper outfit!

A butterscotch caramel popcorn dessert.. #whoneedschocolate

On Tuesday morning, we finally reached our first port of Ocho Rios, Jamaica!


Hanging with the locals :)

Jamaica we have a bobsled team!

Wasting the day away at Margaritaville!

Some virgin drinks at Margaritaville! A coconut pineapple for Blu and a pomegranate crusher for me!

Shrimp tacos!

Ouch. No, really. OUCH.

As soon as we were back on the boat, Blu headed to Guy's Burgers!

Pre-supper Sports Trivia!

Supper outfit!


On Wednesday morning, we arrived in Grand Cayman!

We took a little boat to the main island and took off walking (forEVER) to Seven Mile Beach!

We snorkeled in this gorgeous water!

And ate more shrimp tacos!

A Cayman sunset

On Thursday, we reached our last port of Cozumel! We have been here a couple of times, so we knew just what to do - rent a scooter!

It was an overcast day, but I wasn't complaining because I was SO sunburned! Until I got cold...then I was complaining!

I left my Spark on the boat...can you tell???

I snorkeled for about 8 minutes until a fish bit Blu...then Blu snorkeled alone ;)

I love watching Blu relax and jump in the waves! He LOVES the ocean!

Me...not so much. I love the sand! :)

He was exhausted!

Look what we found written in the sand! (inside joke for our family going back to Paris in August 2013!)

Gorgeous Cozumel water!

Supper outfit!

Ok, so Friday. Our last day at sea. All was well until about 9am when we hit a cold front/storm. And the waves churned up....You could not even stand up straight on the boat. People were sick, in their rooms most of the day, and the crew said it was worse than when they went through Hurricane Harvey. Another person said they had cruised 20+ times but had never seen waves like this (crashing onto the 5th deck). And our head waiter said he had been with Carnival for 13 years and it was only the 3rd time he'd seen it that bad. It was BAD.

Trying to stay warm and not be sick..

Ugh..get me off...

Waves....all day long. It got a little better before supper, and we were able to sit through the meal. Finally, during the night, it calmed down, but it took us a couple of days to get over the dizziness!

But you're never too sick for dessert, right?!

With the exception of nightmarish Friday, it was a great cruise for us! We were able to reflect on our furlough, our upcoming term, and just enjoy time together. I am so grateful to be loved by this man!