Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I Stand by the Door

I just read a really good book called Nobody by Creston Mapes. This poem was at the beginning of the book, written by Samuel Shoemaker
I stand by the door
I neither go too far in nor stay too far out
The door is the most important door in the world.
It is the door through which men walk when they find God.
There's no use in my going way inside and staying there
When so many are still outside and they, as much as I, crave to know where the door is
And all that so many ever find is only the wall where a door ought to be.
They creep along the wall like blind men with outstretched, groping hands
Feeling for a door, knowing there must be a door, yet they never find it.
So I stand by the door.
The most tremendous thing in the world is for men to find that door --
The door to God.
The most important thing any man can do
Is to take hold of one of those blind, groping hands and put it on the latch,--
The latch that only clicks and opens to the man's own touch.
Men die outside that door
As starving beggars die on cold nights in cruel cities in the dead of winter
Die for want of what is within their grasp
They live on the other side of it, live because they have found it
Nothing else matters compared to helping them find it
And open it and walk in and find Him.
So I stand by the door.
Go in great saints, go all the way in
Go way down in the cavernous cellars and way into the spacious attics
It is a vast roomy house, this house where God is.
Go into the deepest of hidden casements of withdrawal, of silence, of sainthood.
Some must inhabit those inner rooms
And know the depths and heights of God.
And call outside to the rest of us how wonderful it is
Sometimes I take a deeper look in, sometimes venture in a little farther
But my place seems close to the opening
So I stand by the door...
I admire the people who go way in,
But I wish they would not forget how it was before they got in
Then they would be able to help the people who have not yet even found the door
Or the people who want to fun away from God again
You can go in too deeply and stay in too long and forget the people outside the door
As for me, I shall take my old accustomed place
Near enough to God to hear Him and know He is there
But not far from men as to not hear them and remember that they are there too.
Where? Outside the door.
Thousands of them, millions of them
But more important for me, one of them, two of the, ten of them
Whose hands I am intended to put on the latch
So I shall stand by the door and wait for those who seek it.
I had rather be a doorkeeper, so I stand by the door.
-Samuel Shoemaker

Friday, April 11, 2014

April Sleepovers, Round One!

School's out! That means it's time for our annual April Sleepover month!! We have NINE kids at our house tonight - our 3, plus 6 more! Francis & Muchoni are hanging with Caedmon, Cambree has Laurie & Purity, and Cason invited Joseph & Mweene! Lots of fun, and LOTS of kids! (Sorry Blu - no pizza left for you! ;)

The 3 Musketeers - together again!

Lots of technology with the ipads and Wii!

Blu, where are you?! "Counting money.." Looks like he's hiding in the closet to me! ;)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Field Trip!

Miss me?? ;) School is out, so that means it's time for our field trip! I know, taking kids to the dentist on a field trip is a little cruel, but what can ya do?? :)

The boys, all ready for their dental screenings!

The girls all ready!

Cambree entertaining her friends :)

Love those smiles!

Some of our staffers keeping the kids in line!

And the verdict....3 need teeth pulled, 8 need cleanings, and 4 need cavities! Yikes! (Any dental hygienists want to come to Zambia in 2015????

We then headed to Choma Museum to eat and to do our Redeemer Drama presentation!

Not many people came, but a Hindu woman did come, and another lady who has probably never before heard the Gospel! The Indian woman presented pictures, cookies, and chips to the kids. Her family owns one of the building shops in town - so sweet!

We then headed over to Children's Nest Orphanage to do the drama one last time, and Misheck got to see his little sister, Lusyomo - Faith!

I would bring her home with me if I could!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Day Staff

Last one - for real this time! :)

The Wilcoxes - Wes & Laurie

The Tidwells - Blu, Darbi, Caedmon, Cambree, & Cason

The Cooks - Volunteer Coordinators - Ricky, Niki, Coby, Kelsey (Austin in the USA)

Abby - Teacher

Carolyn - Teacher

Debbie - Agriculture

Diana - Teacher

Elizabeth - Social Worker

Hildah - Teacher

Joyce - Housemother

Mandy - Nurse

Martha - Housemother

Mulenga - Jack of all Everything

Jenna - Spring Intern

Kailey - Spring Intern

Haley - Spring Intern

Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Birthday on this CRAZY Friday!

This is my THIRD blog of the day! Keep reading to find out what that means! :) Today has been CHAOS. Last day of school for the kids. Kailey's birthday party - yay! Cow jumped off a truck while loading and broke his leg - meaning spur of the moment cow butchering/cutting up/freezing. Cason lost his first tooth! Dentist is coming to do "pre-exams" on the kids from 2-4. Bible study at Nabukowa at 3. Bible study at Mapanza at 4. Team's last night and goodbyes. CHAOS!

The last of our "firsts!" :(

The cow in the freezer..

Happy 19th Birthday Kailey!! We love you!

She got macaroni & Cheese, mini Snickers, lotion, body wash, socks, jewelry, an African purse, makeup bag, and $10 for her first Walmart run when she is back in the USA!

The water pouring...

Her roommates MIGHT have put their water in the freezer this morning....

She got them back though....:)

And...I'm out! See you next week!

The New Day Kids

A HUGE thanks to Harman and the Rosemont Team's awesome camera for these awesome headshots of our kids!! Here they are, from oldest to youngest!

Sisi, age 11

Cynthia, age 11

Machila (Elizabeth's daughter), age 9

Muchoni, age 9

Francis, age 9

Caedmon, age 8

Ben, age 8

Misheck, age 8

Laurie (Hildah's daughter), age 8

Kelitah, age 8

Cambree, age 7

Phillip, age 7

Joseph, age 7

Mweene, age 7

Glory, age 7

Gertrude, age 6

Malilwe, age 6

Axer, age 5

Christina, age 5

Cason, age 5

Kefbert, age 5

The New Day Kids