Thursday, February 22, 2018

Durban, Day Four!

Day 4 was a great day in Durban! We are having gorgeous weather, and although it's humid, it hasn't stormed or poured and it has been beautiful! We started Thursday with another great breakfast on the 11th floor overlooking the ocean (so similar to a cruise ship!) We then had our last retreat session. It was a great time of worship, study of the 23rd Psalm, and then a time of Communion together. We were SO blessed by Mark & Sheila Bagwell. (Promo for their ministry, ShadeTree Ministries - a place of retreat in South Carolina for those in ministry! Check it out!)

We had a light lunch at Cafe Jiran on the bottom floor of our hotel!

For the afternoon, we booked 10 ladies for pedicures at our hotel spa! I think Mama Catherine enjoyed her first pedicure!

Mama Loveness

Mama Tembo

Meanwhile, I stayed busy working on the evening's dinner orders..

But took a break for my own pedi!

Hard to complain about good internet and this view!

Meanwhile, the guys (plus Liz and Mirriam) headed to the Moses Mabhida Stadium for a tour! It was a HUGE hit!

The vuvuzelas - harder than it looks to blow!

South Africa!


Mirriam & Mulenga

They LOVED the locker room!

They had a race around the field - winner gets ice cream! (Melvin won!)

Meanwhile, I was all dressed up and ready for supper!

Wondering if Blu and the soccer crew were going to make it back in time....

4 taxis to supper at the Cargo Hold Restaurant!

All dressed up for supper!

The restaurant is in an old ship and has a shark tank from floor to ceiling that you sit in front of - so fun!

And the food's not bad either... :) Fillet of beef!

We found some interesting things on the walk back to the taxi line!

Aubrey was nearly eaten!

Mama Cecilia

Mama Zelly

Hildah... of course!

Oh no!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Durban, Day Three!

Wednesday in Durban was a day to remember! It started with our 11th floor breakfast buffet with a view!

Mama Zelly & Cecilia

Wes, Laurie, and Melvin. The breakfast is seriously incredible! (Hello, cappuccino bar!)

Papa Tembo & Mulenga enjoying the sun!

Mark & Sheila are doing an awesome job leading the retreat!

Mark, Aubrey, and Wes

Hildah doing some modeling :)

Mama Cecilia posing on the boardwalk!

We had to walk 3km down the boardwalk to the aquarium, so we hired some rickshaws for some of our ladies - fun!

After the VERY long, humid walk to the aquarium, we arrived just in time for the seal show! I know, I know, there's a million pictures of Hildah - she's kinda everywhere and the life of the party!

Me and Mama Yolantah, who is enjoying her experience to the fullest!

Aaaahhh!!! Liz was chosen to be in the seal show!!

Melvin, Mr. Cool, taking it all in!

After the seal show, we headed into the aquarium, which is in the bottom of an old ship - the staff loved going into the boat! They loved it all, but nothing more than the sharks!

Blu showing something to Papa Tembo

Mama Cecilia

Me and Mulenga, who has an ear infection and isn't feeling well at all :(

Checking out the big tanks!

Hildah fascinated with something!

Dancing with Mark!

The baby shrimp eating dead skin off their hands!

Papa and Mama Tembo with the sharks!

Turtle pics - too funny! Aubrey the Turtle

Hildah the Turtle

Melvin the Turtle

Papa Tembo the Turtle

Yolantah with the sharks

Mama Zelly

Time for the dolphin show!

We tease Mama Catherine because she falls asleep at the drop of a hat - here she is waking up just in time to see the dolphins!

And was time for the waterslides! Aubrey changed first and was down the biggest slide in the Southern Hemisphere before we knew it!

Blu did the big slide!

So handsome!

Blu at the top!

Blu and Wes coming down!

With about 20 minutes left to go, the housemothers FINALLY decided to try the slide! Go Mama Cecilia!

Hildah did EVERY SINGLE slide - she is the girl who is scared of everything, and she conquered her fears and did them! She kept saying, "I feel so brave!!!"

Here come the housemothers!

Mama Loveness

Mama Tembo

Mark helping with the exit!

Yolantah coming down! She was like a little girl!

Go Mama Zelly!

Afterwards, we headed close to a beach view restaurant called Piatto for supper! We gave them a price limit, and Yolantah gave me extra money because she wanted surf & turf! She said, "This is what I came for!"

Catherine on the other hand, was NOT impressed with her "chicken and chips." She said, "This is not chicken and chips. Where is the bone? I'm from the village." LOL!

Mama Cecilia is relaxing and having fun!

Mark & Sheila ready for their pizza!

Mulenga, Miriam, and Melvin (sidenote: funniest part of the day - on the lazy river, Melvin jumped out of his inner tube and started pedaling when passing the shark tanks!)

Papa Tembo in a VERY uncharacteristic pose! :)

What a day! Thursday holds more adventures!