Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Prosthetic Fun!

Here's what's been happening the last couple of days!

That doesn't look safe....

Mulenga is probably Blu's best friend

A trip to Choma Hospital to see if there are possibilities for more leg and eye patients in the future

Chris & Katie working on a leg

Their "workshop" in The Ark

Watching the soccer game...

Esther, our cook for The Ark! She is amazing - teams, you will LOVE her cooking!

Jason & Blu plumbing..

John helping with a leg

A guy nearby knocked out his two front teeth and heard about John being here - now he has 2 new teeth!

Kefi being Kefi.. :)

Every Monday the local widows come to New Day for a few gallons of milk from Martha the Dairy Cow!

The chaos that is Tuesday night Family Dinners - pancakes!

Love these huge papaya trees!

Another great sunset - the rainy season is pretty much over, which means the clouds are going away!

Monday, April 21, 2014

First Soccer Game!

Today New Day had its first soccer match!! The judge in Choma who gave us custody of the kids last week coaches a young soccer team in a town about 30 minutes from here! So he showed up today with his team, and the kids had a blast! We asked Caedmon at lunch if the kids had talked about what positions they were playing and he said, "No, we haven't talked about that, but we know what we're going to wear!" :) Here we go...

Blu's pep talk before the game

Handshakes before the game

The cheering section!

These two working on their tans for the Florida sun!

Playing hard - it was a hot day!

Cambree's face is priceless - she hates playing soccer AND watching soccer!

Cason & Kefbert working on chest bumps!

Exhausted, but he scored a goal and was so proud of himself!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Happy Easter from Zambia!! We have had a great day - awesome church service with tons of people, fun Easter baskets and egg hunt, and now lots of cooking to do as we prepare for our fun murder mystery dinner at New Day tonight! I'm not going to caption these pics, except to say that Cambree is wearing my Easter dress my mom made for me when I was her age! :) And the girl in the yellow dress is Malilwe, our newest orphan celebrating her first Easter! Hope your Easter is great as you celebrate our Savior!

Easters Gone By...

Here's a look at Easters from today back to 2007!

2014 - New Day

2013 - New Day

2012 - New Day

2011 - New Day

2010 - Gwembe, Zambia

2009 - Alvarado, TX

2008 - Alvarado, TX

2007 - Alvarado, TX

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Prosthetics Are Back!!

It's that time again!! It is always exciting when our prosthetic team comes - to get to see people's lives physically transformed in a matter of days is just mind-blowing! To get to share Jesus with them at the same time is incredible. I love it! John is back to do prosthetic eyes, Chris is back to do legs, and they brought 2 new team members - Jason & Katie! Jason is John's nephew and is married to Katie who does legs as well! Enjoy pics from today!

Redeemer Drama crew - presented at Kids Club today!

The "waiting room" in The Ark!

Do you remember this boy from last time? It's 8 year old Arnold!

Only now he's 10 and needs some updates on his leg!

Last time, Chris didn't have time to do Jessica's leg and promised her she would be first in line next time she came. Well, she came today - she was the first one to arrive, and she came in an ox cart! Amazing!

Me chatting with some eye patients!

Zambian flag

Geoff & Kefbert are best buds!

Jason helping out at Kids Club!

John is working on teeth as well as eyes this time - Hildah would kill me if she knew I blogged this pic of her!

Mr. Green came back for an adjustment on his eye!

Chris & Katie's work room

On his way to get a new leg :)

Do you remember this boy? We called him the Boy Scout, and Chris gave him a new leg in 2012. We hoped he would come back today for some adjustments but instead found out he passed away...the cancer that caused his leg to be removed eventually took his life. Friends said he walked on his leg everywhere and the family decided to bury him with it. Wow.

And the sun goes down on another day at New Day...