Saturday, August 29, 2015

Wild & Wacky Winsman Weekend Photo Shoot!

This weekend is our Wild & Wacky Winsman Weekend! We are doing all sorts of fun things, which I will be sure to blog on Sunday evening, but for now, here are the pics from our photo shoot with John Brinkley!

Blake & his boys, Isaac & Amos

Blake & Dawni

Blu & Darbi

The couples

Kissin' our daddy..

Daddy & his girls

Unfortunately, I caught the kids' stomach virus and sat on the grass between poses..

My sister, Dawni, and her girls Isabel & Abigail

The 7 Grandkids in a frame

The Super Seven

Silly faces!

Grandpa with his boys

Last pic of the day - Kids 4 Sale - Cheap!

The Kimbrough Family

Mama Dee & her girls

So pretty!

Best friends!

A Pinwheel of Grandkids

Pushup break!


Tallest to shortest!

Tidwell family

The whole group


Everyone smiling normally!


The original four

August 2016!

October 2015, January 2016, and August 2016!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Shannon's Blog

Many of you want to keep up with what is going on at New Day. Shannon is volunteering at New Day for the next 3 1/2 months, and you can keep up with her blog by clicking here or going to

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rosemont Weekend

*sigh* Well, our weekend in La Grange, Georgia at Rosemont's Global Mission Conference has come and gone. This church holds such a special place in my heart...if I didn't live in Zambia, I just might have to live in the gorgeous pine-smelling land of La Grange, Georgia!

The church so generously flew our entire family out for the conference, and let me tell you, traveling with our kids is a hoot. They are very accustomed to international travel, but not so much to domestic. (They have only been to one other state in the USA when they were too young to remember). So it cracks us up when we are walking through the DFW airport and Cambree yells, "Are we in America??" Lots of strange looks. Or when we board the plane in Atlanta, and the flight attendant asks, "Did you have a good trip here? Where did you go??" And Caedmon looks up at her and says, "Georgia...." ;)

Playing some 10 up 10 down in the airport

Still writing thank you notes..

On Friday night, we attended the mission banquet. We saw Colby, who recently found out that he actually broke his foot at New Day this summer!!

Nurse Mandy lives about 45 minutes away and drove up for the weekend to hang out with us!!

Two of the Tidwell children in time out at the banquet..

On Saturday, we had a "spoil the missionary family" day, and they took us to Callaway Gardens. It was a gorgeous place full of fun stuff to do! I love these 3 ladies!! Hannah, Amy, Mandy, and me

We loved the little beach at the lake!

Blu telling some kind of tall tale.. ;)

We visited the butterfly center.

And played life-size checkers..

Digging for treasures..

Playing near the chapel

That's a lot of crazy kids! The Camps came and stayed at New Day last October for a month, and the entire Presley family will be there for Spring Break next March! New Day is a great place to bring your family for a mission trip! (Poor Lydia broke her arm at the missions banquet Friday night!)

Free snowcones!!

Pizza break for lunch!

Putt-putt time!

The kids loved the ropes course!

Love those Georgia pines!

We got to stay with the Camps - our kids were so glad to be reunited!

On Saturday night, we had a "Zambia Reunion" with former teams/individuals who have come to New Day! Blu threw a gummy hand thing onto the ceiling in the Camps' new house, leaving a gooey residue, so he spent much of the evening trying to get it off! :)

Lexi, Jayde, Gracie, and the kids!

Johnny, Michele, Pam, & Barbara

Larry, Lynne, and Randy

Mandy, Hannah, Wendy, & Amy

The Skipworth girls and Mr. Chris!

Time for church on Sunday morning! But first, I had to eat a peach in Georgia.. :)

The Zambia room was decorated with a lot of photos of our staff/kids. I loved this one of Christina!

Cambree helped hand out prayer cards.

I had to warm up by the fire. ;)

Cason riding a hippo, because that's what we do in Zambia...

We also got to share in front of the church 3 times about what God is doing at New Day!

After church

And now here we are, back in Texas at our beloved mission house, ready for a new week!

We are so grateful to Rosemont Church, the Camp Family, the Presley Family and all of the others who love New Day and who love us! We were blessed by you this weekend!