Sunday, November 19, 2017

Another Week plus Family Fun Weekend!

Our Queen of Selfies!

Work is underway expanding the bunkhouse for Paw & Bmaw!

James, Blu, and Shade getting NOTHING done at work in the shop ;)

Caedmon had his first ever basketball game after just 3 practices!! It was SO INCREDIBLY fun to watch him play my favorite sport! He was way better than even he thought he would be - he's pretty quick and had a great steal! He will get to play in 5 games before we leave!

Cambree watched him from outside the gym!

And then we hightailed it over to Bangs for Cambree's last volleyball game - she has improved so much!

No matter what game we go to, Cason is surrounded by girls...

We had been planning this Family Fun Weekend for 6 months! San Antonio, here we come!

A 4 hour car trip (due to Friday night traffic) later...and we finally arrived at IHOP...where a gingerbread latte awaited me!

Us girls were ready to hit the town!

The boys...not so much!

On Saturday, we slept in and then headed to The Alamo! Caedmon and Cason are both doing Texas History this year and have loved learning everything! The best part of The Alamo was the interactive people who told us about living during those times!

Cason loved hearing how this soldier would pack for 3 months in the service!

Playing games with an old soldier!

Learning about guns from way back when!

We then headed to the Riverwalk to walk around and eat some Tex Mex!

Poor Blu hasn't been feeling well - headed to the doctor on Monday!

It was 80 something degrees on November we went for a swim!

And finally...on Saturday evening, we headed to the Foam Glow Run! We registered for this 5k back in May to support the Phoenix Children's Hospital, and we have been so excited!


Check out that hair!

They LOVED the pre-run activities!

Cason was soaked!

And then freezing!


Here we go!

We're glowing!

So tired!

Family selfie!

Crossing the finish line with this girl on my back!

On Sunday morning, we headed home, but we represented Texas History well on the way home!

We are now ready for a fun Thanksgiving week with family - Cloud's family is here from Costa Rica, Shade is off most of the week, and we can't wait to celebrate!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

It's Fall, ya'll...even when it doesn't feel like it! Oh wait, now it does! Oh wait, now it doesn't!

I'm a little mad at the weather. We're in shorts today - Nov 12th. We froze on Friday night. Come on, Texas! Get it together!! ;)

Caedmon has been busy working on his art whenever he has a chance!

Daddy daughter selfies!

The kids love my new phone...


Family selfie!

Wednesday volleyball practice after the orthodontist!

I somehow got NO pictures of Caedmon's last football game, because we were too busy taking videos! But he got to run with the ball on the last couple of plays and picked up about 8 yards! Then, we walked over to the gym for Cambree's 2 volleyball games!

Friday night football! Cason did the Little Helmet Run, and Caedmon played at halftime in the band, so we bundled up for the game!

Cason cheering on his Big Dragon, Dagan!

Caedmon on the field - kinda like "Where's waldo?!"


We were off this weekend, so we celebrated Cambree's birthday in style (see previous post!), and then on Sunday we worshiped with Paw & Bmaw at the High Mesa Cowboy Church in Brownwood. After a lunch at McAlister's, Cason and I headed to Walmart for a haircut...and a toy. :)

I then took him to the park for his friend Tristan's birthday party!

My little introvert eating cake alone :)

We have a good week ahead - last Ninja Warrior class for Cason, speaking at a luncheon at FBC Bangs, a church Thanksgiving dinner, Caedmon's first basketball game, and a Family Fun Weekend in San Antonio!