Monday, December 10, 2018

Winsman Family Christmas 2018

On Sunday, we had a great day having a Christmas "party" with the Winsman side of the family! (This included my parents, Mama Dee & Grandpa, our family, my sister's family (Blake, Dawni, Isabel, Abigail, Isaac, & Amos), and Paw & Bmaw!) We made some great memories, laughed a lot, and thoroughly enjoyed the day!

Abigail is 14 now!

Bmaw and Mama Dee

Cambree with the two best grandmas ever!

Cason & Amos, who are both 10

Me being goofy with my Abigirl!


Cambree with her Aunt Dawni

It was cold outside!

Dawni with her 2 girls!

All the girls!

All the grandkids!

Cambree and Grandpa

All of us!

The guys and gals

Isaac and Abigail

Isabel & Abigail

Sweet Isabel is 16 now!

Kimbrough Girls

We each chose our favorite Christmas song and sang it for everyone - the K's chose Joy to the World!

Cambree & Mama Dee


Just a'swinging!

Mama Dee with her two oldest grandgirls

Blake made us ornaments from a cedar tree in their church's prayer garden! We had a blast decorating them for our trees!

Blake & Dawni laughing

Cambree's were beautiful!

Blu's was also gorgeous!

The final products!

Caedmon played "O Come All Ye Faithful" for our family's Christmas hymn!

Mama Dee & Grandpa sang Hallelujah!

And some trampoline time, of course!

We had a great time together! We are ready for another week of basketball games, basketball practice, church Christmas dinner, Blu leading Wednesday night service, unit set delivery to Laredo, and the weekend!

Weekend Fun!

We had a busy weekend, mostly watching Cason do some of his activities! It's nice for our 3rd born to get some special attention with everyone watching what he's been up to! Here's what's been happening the last few days in our lives!

Caedmon attended a Christmas party at one of his friend's house and enjoyed a scavenger hunt around town and more fun!

Sleep in Saturday and chess with Daddy!

Cambree knitting at 5am before her early basketball practice!

We were all so excited to attend Cason's Christmas Band Concert! He has been playing the trombone for 4 months and is getting pretty good! I just can't get over the cuteness of his cheeks when he plays!

He was looking for his fans!

All ready to go in his show shirt!

On Saturday, Cason had 2 Little Dribblers games! He's so fun to watch on the court!

Go Cason go!

At the end, they do a free throw shootout and Cason won out of 12 5th-6th grade boys!

He won a gift card to the movies!! He was SOOOO excited!!

He is SO funny to watch - he's like a frog jumping around, and he's REALLY quick due to soccer!

Why are my kids so short??

Then, on Sunday morning, we had the church children's Christmas musical! Caedmon, Cambree, and Sierra made cameo appearances as the heavenly host!

Lots of family there to take a nap watch!

Cason had a main part and was pretty much a ham!

On Saturday night, the Bangs parade and community movie was cancelled, so we went hunting as a family! It was FREEZING. We have a sweet set up over in Paw's shop... he has a tiny window and a chair and you basically just wait for the deer to walk up and eat the corn, and you shoot. So we waited...

And waited...

And after about 35 minutes, a buck showed up! We all freaked out, moved out of the way, and Blu took the shot. It ran off and we all flew out of the shop to track it. It was something I'll remember forever - us running through the freezing mud, screaming! Caedmon found the blood, and Blu found the deer!

From there, we dragged it back to the shop, field dressed it, cut it up, processed it, and...

Yum. :)

We are doing handmade/homemade gifts for Tidwell Family Christmas this year...I'm ready!