Wednesday, July 18, 2018

My Favorite Recent Team Pics!

Sofia did an amazing job taking pictures while GracePoint was here, so I want to post a few of my favorites!

We both look...stressed!

I can't seem to find Caedmon.... ;)

Soccer! He loves soccer so much! He won't be playing this Fall, since they the teams travel on the weekends at his age. But he's excited for Fall football!

Cambree can't wait to be in 7th grade sports!

Cason enjoying Bible story time!



Danu ;)

My classroom - I'll miss it!

Baby Elizabeth

Emmanuel & David

The 3rd grade class

My 7th grade Math on a cold starts at 7:30am!! :(

Laston being a ham!

Laston again...

Glory & Malilwe


Mama Dee hard at work

Margaret (Banene) & Elizabeth

Be still my heart...

The soccer team!

Papa Ron teaching!


My friend Abigail's 2 youngest girls - Sharon & Modesta enjoying VBS


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Making Memories!

I feel like these last couple of weeks have been really blessed. Make no mistake - it's been chaos and packing and tears and stress too, but it's also been blessed! I feel like God has carved out little moments of laughter and opportunities for making memories that we will take with us with joy in our hearts! Here's a look!

I adore my 6th grade Math class - they are the sweetest kids!

They don't adore when I get my camera out... ;)

Phillip and Cason :)

More bridge drama - the bridge continues to fall apart as a cotton truck collapsed on it overnight last week!

Caedmon just hanging around!

Cambree ready for her "Fab Five" time with Daddy before bed!

Kids Club - Cambree taught 192 kids!

Moving out! We are little by little hauling stuff off to people who bought our things!

Mulenga working on electrical for the new orphan house!

Settlers - the last thing that will be packed! We play at least 3 nights a week!

We had a fun little birthday party for Staci last week and had a Nacho Libre movie night since none of them had seen it!

A quick trip to Choma for last groceries...and cappuccinos!

Last Friday, we took the older kids on a walk down to the river! We had such fun! This is my favorite January 2010, as we turned off into the bush towards New Day, I remember seeing this tree for the first time. The grass was higher than the vehicle and there was no road at all, but I remember thinking, "Well at least there's a pretty tree!" ;)

So we needed a selfie with my tree!

When we got to the river, the kids all took off exploring! Cynthia and Blu began digging to see if they could reach each other!

It's a mile walk down to the river.

The boys disappeared, chasing a herd of pigs!

Caedmon taking a leap!



The girls!

The girls plus Darbi! All I could think was, "Please let me clear that big pile of manure!"

The big kids! (minus Ben, who had gone home sick with a headache :(



Kelitah having fun!

Laurie & Cynthia laughing

On Sunday, we headed about an hour away to the village of Nsanti for church to say goodbye to our friends there. We got to the bridge...and you just never know what you're going to find!

They were unloading VERY by Blu jumped out with the boys and started unloading! In their church clothes. :)

The people at this church have a special place in our hearts! Robinson built our mud hut 14 years ago when he was 65 years old!

It's always a little awkward for our kids, even 8 years later, when we go to village churches and everyone fawns all over them! This church knew Caedmon when he was a baby, so they love seeing him!

Cason buried in his Action Bible!

Darius, Robinson, and Blu

Laurie & Cambree. Laurie kept saying, "Cambree! Everyone is staring at you!" Cambree responded with, "Yes, I know. I'm used to it."

Pastor Robinson - preaching the word at 79 years old!

We got home at 2pm, dropped everyone off, and Blu and I headed to Choma to buy pizzas and drinks for our World Cup party at Hildah's house! (one of the few with satellite tv!)

This is the first time we actually kept up with almost every single game in the World Cup! I was cheering for England, but since they were out, Blu & I both chose France for the final!

There were LOTS of people crammed into Hildah's house...and even more next door in Mulenga's!

We have 2 full weeks of school left, and this week will be busy with us moving out of our house on Friday, moving into The Ark (our guesthouse), and having our last big sale on Saturday morning!