Saturday, October 21, 2017

Family Fun Weekend!

This year on furlough, instead of taking a massive family vacation to Disney or somewhere like we did 2 years ago, we decided to take one weekend each month and show the kids some of what the great state of Texas has to offer! So in September, we headed to DFW for Ripley's/Wax Museum and Six Flags!

This month, we headed to Houston for a weekend that we were speaking at a church nearby! After Caedmon's football game (a win for the Dragons!), we drove until we got tired and got a hotel in Navasota, Texas. On Friday morning, it was first stop: NASA!

There was so much to see! The kids all loved it, but Cason is really our little scientist and space man, so he REALLY loved it!

(Blu loved it too!)

Astronauts everywhere you look!

I promise I wasn't so bored I was sleeping...(though we all know Science is NOT my thing...)

Everything was educational - lifting weights to see how heavy things are on other planets!

My favorite part was that we happened to go on a Friday where real live astronauts give special presentations! We got to hear Mark Polansky talk about his 3 trips to the International Space Station in detail!

We got to actually go IN to the spaceship Independence and the shuttle carrier as well - so neat!

We loved watching the Science show for kids - so fun!

The spaceship simulator was also awesome! I loved standing outside and watching their faces on the big screen!

We stayed in a hotel in Houston for free (thank you, Delta SkyMiles!), where the kids had fun in the fitness center!

On Saturday morning, we all awoke to my 37th birthday!!! :) Love my cake!

Blu got me an Apple watch!!

They know me so well....


Perfect pajamas from Cambree!

Once we finished a breakfast of cake and opening presents, we got ready for our big The Texas Renaissance Festival!!

Meet Julius Caesar!

Perseus, Julius Caesar, and The Gladiator!

Perseus looking tough!

The beautiful goddess Athena!



We had such a blast, but it was VERY HOT!!!! Enjoy the pics!

Blu & Cambree pausing for a dance!

The 15th century boat swing!


They were so brave being the only kids in the costume contest!

Watching the the shade!

Our framed pic - I have the perfect spot for it in my Zambian classroom!

Introducing the kids to funnel cakes!

And steak on a stick...!!

Lots of photo ops!

This was the knight the kids cheered for during the big joust!

A picture with the king of the Fest!

Sausage on a stick!

So tough..

Fun with this guy...forever!

We enjoyed most of the shows we watched!

Rondini the escape artist!

More steak on a stick!

The whip show was the BEST! And Cambree was called up to volunteer!

What a day! We drove an hour once we were done back over to Cleveland, Texas to get ready for speaking about New Day on Sunday - then a 5 hour drive back home! A weekend to remember for sure!