Thursday, August 14, 2014

Last Lusaka Day!

Today is officially our LAST day of vacation!! We are sad to see it go, but ready to get back to our New Day family and life!

Silly sisters :)

I love my big sis!

We are tired of restaurants, so I bought food to cook here in Lusaka, something I NEVER do! (in Lusaka I mean!)

Fun cousin pictures - how cool is it that our kids are ages 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11!

We had a picnic at the playground today!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cousin Time in Lusaka!

We are in Lusaka for a couple of days with my sister's family! It has been 6 months since we've seen them, so it's fun to catch up and watch the kids play together!

Blu is still in vacation mode!

Caedmon & Isaac, who apparently won the "World Cup" were very excited to pose for a picture!

Cambree & Isabel played Barbies ALL morning long!

Cason & Amos - here comes trouble! ;)

My sweet Abigail Ruth!

Durban Vacation, Day #7!

We left Durban yesterday and are back in the capitol city of Zambia, Lusaka! Here we are checking out of our hotel and waiting on our taxi!

This was the BEST meal I had on vacation - a Mediterranean roasted veggie wrap from Kauai!

One last stop at Mugg n' Bean - red velvet hot cocoa and a pretzel salted caramel mocha!

And ring pops from the candy store!

Thanks for experiencing our vacation with us! This will go in my blog book and will be something we remember for years to come! This was our first long trip to take with 3 kids in tow, and they did amazingly well! And yes, we already have 2015 and 2016's trips planned. ;)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Durban Vacation, Day #6!

Our days in Durban are coming to an end, and today was another fabulous day! The kids did get up before 6am, but we were able to sleep in until about 6:30! We headed out for another breakfast - aaaahhhh how I love vacation food!

This is last night's creme brulee! I am usually a chocolate person, but I couldn't resist the menu's description of creme brulee with a berry compote. I was shocked to tap the top of the creme was like glass! I had to google it to find out about the carmelized sugar topping - YUM.

And last night's grilled halloumi salad!

Ok, ok, back to this morning...we were off to the beach right after breakfast!

Cason did NOT want his picture taken!

Caedmon used his money to buy a soccer ball yesterday..of course.

Cambree has loved the beach more than anyone else - she LOVES all the sea creatures she is finding - maybe she'll be a marine biologist one day! (and maybe that's why she refuses to eat fish...??!!) ;)

My little construction man, Cason, has loved the sand!

Proof that I did get in the water..briefly.. :)


I left after a couple of hours for my deep tissue massage and pedicure. I snapped a pic from our room of the beach - Blu & the kids are down there somewhere!

Pretty toes!

After I got back, we headed to Spur (again!) to eat - can't beat the kids' play area and the prices!

And the grilled hake!!

We passed by another 4D ride and had to go again...I love these things!!

Outside the Suncoast Towers - on our way to the stadium!

We went to the 2010 World Cup Stadium for a tour but had to wait 45 minutes...just enough time for a latte and milkshakes ;)

The tour (costing a grand total of $9!!) was neat! The kids (mainly Caedmon) thought it was cool to be on the field! Man oh man the New Day kids would have loved this!!!

Coming out through the tunnel!

Caedmon was pretty impressed by the locker room!

Of course the boys had to run around the field once, just to say they did..

It was about a mile walk back to our hotel, and Cason needed a boost most of the way. He said his legs were tired so they wouldn't move fast, PLUS he is allergic to stairs. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Durban Vacation, Day #5!

Today was a fantastic day in South Africa! MY CHILDREN SLEPT UNTIL 7AM. I feel like I should repeat that, so that you really understand the beauty. MY CHILDREN SLEPT UNTIL 7AM. :) Blu & I have both decided that the free breakfast at this hotel is almost the best part of the trip. There is this brown bread full of chunky stuff that is absolutely delicious! After breakfast, we spent the morning on the beach. I left the camera inside and got in the water (for a LITTLE bit...I'm totally not an ocean person!), but my favorite part was sitting on the beach building a sand castle with Cason - memories to last forever! It got overcast around 10:30am and we froze! I tried to get a picture of Caed's blue lips but it didn't really show up :)

Some elevator fun as we headed out to the Suncoast Tower for some lunch with friends!

We were at missionary training with the O'Laughlins in 2003, and they now work out of Durban! They work with Baptist Global Response - an organization with the IMB that provides disaster relief and humanitarian aid alongside sharing the Gospel.

Blu is telling them the TRUE version of the "rabbit story.." (aka Blu blowing up an outhouse in 2004). The story they had heard involved a cobra...the story has grown!

We ate at Spur which was almost HALF the price that we pay in Zambia at the same restaurant! The kids loved getting their faces painted!

It was still pretty overcast and windy, so we opted for renting some bikes and going for a family bike ride on the promenade!

Can you see the boys? And all the people? Imagine trying to get your 5 year old to not run over someone in this crowd...

This is what I look like at the beach - I'll take the sand over the cool water!

I love this guy :)