Thursday, January 18, 2018

An Update with (minimal) Wifi!

This is an internet cafe...trying to get things done! It has been crazy here without wifi for sure! Banking, New Day finances, teaching ideas, and just communication has been so difficult! How did anyone ever survive in the past?! ;) Seriously though, we are ready to have our wifi up and running! (Today it is working enough for me to blog 23 pictures, but not enough to check my email!

American Fellowship - the "Kids Table" that the kids convinced Trevor & Mariah to sit at!

We had an epic ping pong tournament for American Fellowship!

Look who came out on top! It was a fierce battle between Blu & Trevor!

Caedmon did great!

Dad was awesome!

But I took him down...

Gaye had fun too!

You don't mess with Mama Dee!

Some days you just need a foot rub...

A bus trip to Choma...

Fun with my Mama on the bus!

Trevor on the bus..

Introducing Dad to Snapchat!

After a week long delay, we were able to start school!! Here are our babies on the first day - Caedmon is in 7th/8th, Cambree is in 6th/7th, and Cason is in 4th! I am teaching Grades 4, 6, 7, and 8 Math, Grade 8 Science, and Grade 7 Texas History.

Mama & Daddy are super busy this term! Mama is teaching Grade 2-4 Language Arts, Grade 7 Language Arts, and Grade 4 Texas History. Daddy is teaching Grades 6-8 Language Arts, Grade 8 History, daily Library Time, and a special Chess class with Cason! And he totally wins the Best Dressed Award!

Cholera precautions at Kids Club - hand washing with bleach!

We are loving our evening family time - one night was a game of Ninja Turtle Monopoly!

And lots of trampoline time!

Blu is helping out with Caedmon's Science experiments this year!

The New Believers Class on Sunday mornings

Trevor doing Homework Time with the older kids!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Life Back at New Day!

It has been a strange re-entry to Zambia. Usually, we completely jump into life here and it is back to the complete craziness right away. This time, however, our school year has been delayed due to the cholera outbreak in Zambia (you can google it), and our wifi is out (currently sitting at an internet cafe in Zambia...where my emails won't send, but I can do all these blogs - go figure!), so it feels like life is moving SLOW!! Here is a glimpse of what we have been up to!

We celebrated our 17th anniversary with a quick morning trip to Choma and a trip to the museum for lunch! Blu got me this beautiful gift that I look at every day!

We brought these 3 along for the ride!

17 years!!!

Evening trampoline time!

Our tree still has mangos that Cambree and Blu are enjoying!

Football practice with Daddy!

He'd rather be playing Nintendo.. :)

Cambree has been knitting all sorts of things!

Introducing Machila to Snapchat :)

Hanging outside after supper with Mariah, Gaye, and Trevor

Pre-church selfie!

Back to cooking from scratch - homemade tortillas!

Trevor staying busy working with Wes

Not much rain, but pretty evenings!

My classroom is all ready for whenever the government tells us we can start school! (and we have started our 3 Americans!)

An evening rainbow :)

Happy December Birthdays and Happy New Year!

The day after we got back was New Year's Eve! After a very hot church service, we unpacked in the afternoon and then headed to the annual New Year's Eve party in the New Day garage! We also celebrated the December Birthday people!

Cynthia turned 15 on December 30th!

Francis turned 13 on December 15th!

Laurie turned 12 on December 9th!

Phillip turned 11 on December 28th!

Mama Yolantah turned 40 on December 28th!

We danced the night away!

Cambree & Justin

Cason & Joseph

Some late night Charades with volunteer Gaye acting something out for the girls!

Me reuniting with Blesten, who came about 3 weeks before we left on furlough!

Me and my Daddy :)

Helping the little turkey Luyando to eat!

The Freeze Dance was so much fun!

Gaye and a baby! (Which one?!)

Gaye, Mama, and Daddy (who made it until 9:45pm!)

Laurie and the boys

Limbo is always a huge hit!

The kids love doing line dances like the Cha Cha Slide and Cupid Shuffle!

Lulu and Luyando, making one of her super silly faces!

Mariah and Prince

Miriam and Liz with some babies!

Misheck, Caed, and Emma

The seat stacking game!

Mama and Papa Tembo

Wes & Joy

Due to jet lag, it was the easiest year ever to stay up until midnight! We ended the year with a countdown and water balloon fight and then everyone headed to bed! We stayed up and got the whole garage cleaned up and finally made ourselves try to go to sleep at 2:30am! Happy 2018 from New Day!