Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Kids Club Christmas!

Back in October, the Rosemont Team from Georgia brought backpacks and tons of goodies to put inside to use as Christmas gifts for the Kids Club kids. This past week, the New Day kids decorated 200 cookies and filled the bags with an apple and orange so that we could hand them out today after a lesson on "the greatest Gift of all." Surprisingly, we had only SIXTY children at Kids Club - our smallest number ever!!!! :( A lot of the kids must be on holiday or working in the fields, keeping the cattle and goats away from their family's precious newly-planted maize. We packed 200 bags, so we are delivering the rest to Maxwell's church in Mapanza, the New Day church, our local Bible studies, and possibly the children of our part-time employees! Thank you Rosemont for this amazing gift - the first present most of these kids have ever received!!

The New Day kids receiving last minute instructions from Uncle Blu!

Cambree putting a backpack on a friend

Little Febby's reached the ground! :)

Francis & Misheck handing out bags

They couldn't wait to look inside!!

So sweet!

The boys headed home with their bags!

This sweetie has a lot of health problems and he was named "Unwell" at birth. :( He doesn't usually come, but I was so excited he was here today!

Love this picture of the kids walking home!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Busy December!

It has been a busy few weeks at New Day!! Here is a little of what we have been up to!

Sleepovers! We had all 9 of the boys at our house last Tuesday night - when we woke up I had to laugh to see them sprawled all over the living room!

Except for the host, Caedmon, sleeping comfortably in his bed!!

This morning we had a cookie decorating party! The New Day kids decorated 200 cookies to go in the Christmas packets for the Kids Club kids tomorrow! After we were done, we did a mass assembly line to fill the bags with apples, oranges, and their cookies!

Even Uncle Blu came around to help! He must have smelled the cookies!


It was a little messy...

Carolyn made all 224 of the cookies, AND we gave her the table with Lulu, Prince, Kefbert, and Cason! :)

They had a blast!

Bagging up 200 cookies - a little chaotic!

Kelitah was a BIG help!

Malilwe and her smile.. :)

Misheck ready to eat his own cookie!

Muchoni was pretty excited to eat his gingerbread man!

Love those smiles of our 2 oldest girls!

After all the fun, it was back to the library project for me - after 2 months, we're almost done!!

And my little minion who tirelessly helped me for 3 hours today!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Birthday to Francis & Mama Joyce!!

Today we celebrated Francis's 10th birthday!! We also celebrated Mama Joyce, who will be 48 years old on Christmas Day, but she will be with her family. It was a warm day, perfect for cake, presents, and water-pouring!!

Caedmon & Misheck ready for the party - these two are inseparable!

Francis didn't need ANY help blowing out his 10 candles!

Teacher Carolyn made his rainbow cake!

Francis was enthralled with his new Lego set! He LOVES to create things!

The poor guy got tons of water but never stopped smiling!

Mama Joyce blowing out her candles!

Chocolate cupcakes!

Mama Joyce LOVED all of her gifts (lots of jewelry, a scarf, a wallet..) As she pulled out each piece, she put it on and by the end she looked so funny! Her smile just kept getting bigger as she reached into her bag!

It took us about 15 minutes to convince her to come outside!! She must have threatened her boys, because NONE of them poured water on her!! Now, the adults on the other hand... :)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Morning Pics!