Monday, September 17, 2018

September Days

Busy busy! The weeks fly by, filled with school days, days in the shop, extra-curricular activities for our kids, church activities, and fun family time together! Here's a look at last week for the Tidwells!

On Monday, Cloud stopped in for a couple of hours from Costa Rica! He had a meeting in Dallas and drove down to say hey!

Dad working on sanding scale model sets in the shop!

Cambree had a volleyball game on Monday (they won!), but we spent most of the week filming youtube videos for her student council campaign! :) Check her out on youtube - Cambree Tidwell!

On Monday, we went from a volleyball game for Cambree to a drive to a nearby town for a cross country meet for Caedmon! He beat his time from last year's meet by 1 minutes and 24 seconds!

Great group of boys!

Grandpa was there to cheer him on! (and fix his shorts...)

Yes, I do have a different Bangs shirt for every sport..

Mom & I stayed at the one mile marker to cheer him on!

Tuesdays seem to be our free evenings at home, so we played some basketball, filmed a youtube video, and had some backyard football fun!

Let's see... on Wednesdays we pick the kids up from school and head straight to the FBC gym to hang out with a bunch of middle schoolers until church starts! We are up at church from 3:30 to almost 8, so it's a long night!

Thursdays = football days! Last week's game was in Winters, so we drove about an hour to watch our 8th grade team play! Here's our muscle man!

Caed is playing kickoff team, cornerback on defense, and some wide receiver on offense. He had an AMAZING open field tackle!

So proud! A 20-0 victory!

Caed and his girl, Sierra ;)

Cambree & Bailey - Cam loves to go and hang with her friends and the cheerleaders!

Grandpa was in his element!

Some LONG time family friends made the football game, driving from near Tyler! I hadn't seen them since I was 15 years old! Thank you Bro. Darryle and Bren for coming!!

Paw was there too - any excuse to ride his motorcycle, he'll take!

Go Dragons!

On Friday, we closed up the shop and Blu worked with his dad on his carport!

Ready for sheet metal!

Bro. Darryle and Bren came by for the grand tour of our place and for lunch - it was great to visit and to hear about their own mission experience back in the late 70s in Tanzania!

So then the adventure began...we decided to take the boat out on Friday after school. We loaded up ice chests of drinks and hot dogs, picked the kids up from school, and headed out for a fun evening! Well, after getting the boat on the lake and fueling up, we noticed the boat was taking on a LOT of water. The plug had come out somewhere/somehow, and we managed to get back to the marina/dock to fix it. (Blu stuck his big toe in the plug while I ran up to the marina store to buy a new plug). We started going again, got Cason on the tube, and noticed some dark clouds...and then thunder. Blu sighed and told Cason to get back in, we couldn't take the boat out with thunder/lightning, so we'd try again another day. Cason got in, we started driving, and BOOM. The boat died. In the middle of the lake, with a huge storm coming. It absolutely wouldn't start. So we call Blu's brother who's a cop and he called the lake patrol to come get us. (By the time the call made it to Lake Patrol, it was "A family of 5 is sinking in the middle of the lake!) I was panicked about the lightning, Cambree was taking pictures, and Cason was eating a hot dog through all of this... The storm finally hit (strong winds and rain) and it pushed our boat over to some reeds. We rowed with waterskis as best we could and finally Blu was able to get close enough to jump in and swim us over to a dock, where 2 older men had been watching us and were waiting to help. Lake Patrol finally arrived and towed Blu, and the rest of us walked about 1/4 mile to meet Paw, who came to pick us up.. Nothing like a Friday night adventure...

Cold. And freezing. But not scared. (Just me.)

See those clouds?!

The long, wet walk..

On Saturday, we enjoyed some outdoor time throwing the football and playing volleyball!

We also got a new toy, so that's been fun!

It was finally time to watch Cason play a sport! He is on the Outlaws soccer team, a VERY good team who are extremely well coached! They won their first game 13-0. Cason played striker and midfield and had some amazing assists!

Getting coached during a break!

Our Saturday ended with a quick visit from Deb, who came by in her new ride to pick up the cat we "fostered" for the last 2 weeks!

Sunday was a great day of Sunday School, worship, lunch with new friends, naps, pool, Sunday evening small group, and a trip to Walmart/Home Depot to get ready for the week! Oh, and trying on some new things purchased for our VERY cold weather trip in February! :)

Friday, September 7, 2018

School, Home, Shop, Sports, and Family Reunion!

How about I don't start every blog with an apology about how long it's been since I blogged? Mmmkay?? ;)

We got to go to Caedmon's first 8th grade cross country meet in Eula this past week! Dad, Blu, and I made the 1 hour trek for his 9 minute, 45 second run!

He improved his time by 30 seconds from this race last year!

So handsome!

We had a prayer walk at the kids' school on a Sunday night after church, and Blu got this shot of Cambree and Hannon praying under a tree!

My friend from college, Kesi, lives in Bangs too! She and her husband (who teaches Caedmon Algebra 1 and helps coach Cambree) are our Sunday School teachers. Small world! We accidentally twinned at church on Wednesday night!

Mom & Dad are doing great - Dad is like a local now that he has a newspaper subscription!

We enjoyed last Friday night's football game against our rival, Early, but MAN OH MAN it was hot!!!

Our basketball court is done!

3 more years...

Cason is spoiled by his Bmaw...

Same ole, same ole, for Blu!

We have a trombone player in our family!

Caedmon is ready for football! His first game is the 13th!

We've enjoyed our time working out in the shop! Here's me and Mom building flats and Dad working the drill press!

Blu and Paw delivered to Frisco and Allen today!

My pride and joy in the shop....our white board that lists orders and delivery dates!

Texas..and Zambia...all pretty much the same!

Cason is getting ready for his first soccer game! He's had several practices and his first game is supposed to be tomorrow but will probably be rained out!

Cambree with her friend Bailey

Cambree with Caedmon's "friend" Sierra ;)

Cambree has had 2 volleyball games! They won against Dublin but lost against Hamilton!

The rest of our time lately has been spent enjoying the Howell Family Reunion here on The Mountain! People were in and out but there were people here for a total of 11 days! It was a blast.

Bmaw and her brothers, Rusty and Robin

Bmaw cooked and cooked and cooked!

Mom & Dad have traveled some on the weekends but were able to hang out with us some.

Last evening on the boat!

So much pool time!

Fun with Uncle Robin!


Cambree & Andie

Cambree and Dustin

The guys worked on helping Paw build a carport on Labor Day.

Lots of supervisors.

Intense games of volleyball!

Me and Dustin 17 years ago...

He's grown a little!

The group!

So our family is a little intense about Hunger Games. We play all over the 30 acres of land, the trampoline is the cornucopia where you get your supplies, and when someone is killed, Paw shoots a shotgun to let everyone know of the death. Yeah, we're crazy. So we introduced the Washington/Arizona group to this and JP won!

The last 2 left standing - Caedmon and JP!

The Cornucopia!

Paw ready with his shotgun!

Pretty Stefanie

More pool time!

Me and Leia Pia

Aunt Melanie spent most of her time working with flowers!

Natalie and Stef caught a snake..barehanded...

Two of my faves!

Paw :)

My 2 old men :)

Uncle Robin brought his best friend Pepe, who was SUCH a joy! They stayed with us upstairs with 3 kids..and a cat!

Uncle Rusty & Aunt Melanie

Shade with a smile (who started back with the Brownwood Police Department today - so proud of him!)