Tuesday, September 30, 2014


The Camp Family has arrived at New Day! Adam is the pastor of one of our supporting churches, Rosemont Baptist Church in La Grange, GA, and his church has graciously given him the month of October "off" (haha, if you've ever been to New Day you know you are not "off" when you are here!) to spend the month with us! His wife, Amy, will be spending every day teaching Math in Kabanga Basic School, and 3 of their four children will be attending the New Day School! (Gracie, Abby, Lydia, & Jonas). We are so excited to have them here!! Serving God for a month in the HOTTEST month of the year is...fun. ;)

Yesterday Blu took the kids on a work day "field trip" for their Home Economics class! They learned the local process for making and burning bricks! Someone had already made the bricks and they were dried in the sun - here all 3,000 of them are! (We will use these to finish construction of our new staff house)

The kids' job was to move them and stack them like this, so that fires can be built in the holes at the bottom. Once the bricks are stacked, mud is piled all around them and the fires are built, and the bricks "slow cook" until they are burned and ready for use!

Working hard! It was 103 yesterday...


Caedmon pausing for a selfie!

Check out these work faces!

Water break!

This face...

Little Kefbert went too! He didn't get much work done though...

The very first thing Kefbert did was knock over these 2 water coolers full of ice water. Blu loaded back up on the bus and headed back to New Day to fill them up again!

Assembly line!

Uncle Mulenga, Teacher Abby, and Mama Liz were there to help too! (Teacher Darbi was NOT there to help... ;)

When they were done, Blu told them they had 10 minutes to play in this natural "sandbox." Who needs electronics?!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Madness!

Here is a little glimpse of our Monday!

Caedmon has a sprout!!

So does Cason! It is right in between his two rows - he must have dropped one! :)

Why yes, we do check the garden in our underwear...well, Cason does!

Monday afternoons we have Computer Class in our new computer lab - Cynthia learned how to play Hearts during her "game time!"

Homework time for the Tidwell family!

Nurse Mandy works with the PreK class every afternoon doing Reading

Misheck is quickly becoming one of our fastest typers! The kids do 20 minutes of Typing Instructor, and 20 minutes of games.

This is one of the two reading groups I work with every afternoon - Axer, Christina, and Mweene :)

Uncle Blu sometimes sneaks away from his work to help out with reading time!

Time to walk to afternoon class - 103 outside today..89 in our house!

Cambree likes to be the first one there!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy 33rd Birthday to Blu!!

33 years ago, this little cutie was born... :)

We were so excited to celebrate his birthday on this hot, dry Saturday at New Day! :)

We opened presents at our house first - an Amazon gift card from Mama Dee & Papa Ron!

Caedmon got him some Fireballs from the USA!

Caedmon fanning his mouth - they're hot!!

Caedmon also bought him a new shirt using his own money when we were in Choma last week :)

Cambree got him a chocolate bar from the USA - Blu has already hidden it!

Duck Dynasty seasons 4-5 from me!

Cason got him a movie with John Cena the wrestler in it!

I also got him the Rocky movie series!

It was then time for Blu's part down at New Day! We did it early (10:30) because of Kids Club, but it was still plenty hot! Ben & Francis made this mud model of Uncle Blu's face - so awesome!!

Runts candy from Papa Wes & Mama Lala!

Chocolate from the Cooks & Debbie!

An African shirt from Wes & Laurie!

All over Zambia, people think Blu looks like John Cena - they shout his name wherever we go! So of course, I had to throw him a John Cena party!

Time for water pouring! Blu deserved EVERY drop her got!!

Hugs from Gertrude!


And Kelitah!

After the party, Ms. Carolyn brought over a fresh from the oven cherry cobbler - yum!

We will have Kids Club this afternoon, and then we will end our day with some grilled Porterhouse steaks, broccoli salad, roasted potatoes, and a Rocky movie! Happy Birthday Blu!!