Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy 33rd Birthday to Blu!!

33 years ago, this little cutie was born... :)

We were so excited to celebrate his birthday on this hot, dry Saturday at New Day! :)

We opened presents at our house first - an Amazon gift card from Mama Dee & Papa Ron!

Caedmon got him some Fireballs from the USA!

Caedmon fanning his mouth - they're hot!!

Caedmon also bought him a new shirt using his own money when we were in Choma last week :)

Cambree got him a chocolate bar from the USA - Blu has already hidden it!

Duck Dynasty seasons 4-5 from me!

Cason got him a movie with John Cena the wrestler in it!

I also got him the Rocky movie series!

It was then time for Blu's part down at New Day! We did it early (10:30) because of Kids Club, but it was still plenty hot! Ben & Francis made this mud model of Uncle Blu's face - so awesome!!

Runts candy from Papa Wes & Mama Lala!

Chocolate from the Cooks & Debbie!

An African shirt from Wes & Laurie!

All over Zambia, people think Blu looks like John Cena - they shout his name wherever we go! So of course, I had to throw him a John Cena party!

Time for water pouring! Blu deserved EVERY drop her got!!

Hugs from Gertrude!


And Kelitah!

After the party, Ms. Carolyn brought over a fresh from the oven cherry cobbler - yum!

We will have Kids Club this afternoon, and then we will end our day with some grilled Porterhouse steaks, broccoli salad, roasted potatoes, and a Rocky movie! Happy Birthday Blu!!

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