Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Construction Update

We are currently building a staff housing complex! Each staff member that lives at New Day full-time (except the housemothers) will now have their own 2 bedroom, 1 bath small house with a sitting area and room for a small kitchen. The staff is very excited to have some privacy and to get to cook for themselves! We will be giving these staffers their Christmas bonuses in early November so that they can begin making purchases of appliances, furnishings, etc, so if you are interested in giving a gift to our Employee Christmas Bonus fund, please think about giving early this year!

A view of the staff house from the outside

From the roof looking down

We are also almost finished with our garage that can fit 4-5 vehicles inside, has a storage room, and an underground spot for someone to work on vehicles - it's pretty impressive! Our friend Royd, pictured here, was the sole builder on this project!

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