Sunday, September 17, 2017

Weekend in College Station, TX!

Before our weekend started, we had to sit next to this green guy at the pep rally.... ;)

After getting in at 10:30pm from the Friday night football game, we got up early for the drive to College Station to make it to the Aggie game at 11am! Early Saturday mornings are no fun. American donut shops are fun.

The kids went into a donut coma...

Everyone woke up for Buc-ees though!

Once we arrived, we dropped the boys off at a bus stop for a shuttle to the Aggie game! The boys were excited for their first game!

Meanwhile, us girls had a girls day out - shopping, lunch, and pedicures! I loved watching Cambree dance through the stores!

She never does get much, but she LOVES to try things on!

Manchu Wok for the win!

Burke's! Our favorite!

Purple toes for us!

And meanwhile...back at the Aggie game...

It was HOT.

Such fun!

Blu said Caedmon was mesmerized by every aspect of the game!

Cason....not so much.

Did I mention it was hot?

Cason was impressed with the corndogs!

We spent Saturday evening with our dear friends and mentors, the Duncan family! Steve and Kathy (ok, mostly Kathy) made us a delicious supper!

The 6 Duncans and 3 Tidwells!

Cason with Caleb & Zach

Josh, Caedmon, and Elissa

We've known Josh since he was 4....and here he is doing college Engineering homework with his dad!

On Sunday morning, we headed to Parkway Baptist - the church where "ministry" first began for me and Blu! Bob & Blu used to jam back in the day!

Cambree, Sarah, Elissa, and Madelynn

Cason & Josh

Pastor Chris & Cindy - so good to see them!

After church, we had some yummy pizza at Adam and Lyndsey's house before hitting the road to head back to Brownwood!

We are back home now - all unpacked, homework done, and a family movie night before we start another week!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Spirit Week!

We have had a blast this week with my absolute favorite week when we are in the USA - Spirit Week!!

We started the week with 'Merica Monday!

Caedmon had his second cross country meet - this one in Coleman, Texas and a 2 mile run! He placed again in the middle but improved his mile time!

Tuesday was Career Day! A professional soccer player, a nurse, and an astronaut!

Wednesday was Character Day! We have Waldo, Percy Jackson, and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid character!

Thursday was Color Wars between the classes - too funny!!

We had a blast at Caedmon's first pep rally on Thursday! Notice #25 - doing the hair swipe!

Most of these are blurry, but I got a smile from far away!

He even played in the band!

Love that smile!

Go #25!

When big brother has a football game, little brother goes to the gas station for some supersize snacks!

We also had time for a quick haircut at the local hair salon and ran into Teacher Diana!

And then it was time for the football game! It was a "controlled scrimmage" with coaches on the field. Caedmon is on the small side, so he was in for about 8 plays, but he learned a lot about his position as cornerback and had a great time!

Tidwell fans in the stands!

He's on the top left of this picture at cornerback.

These three might have reminisced about their own football days...

See #25 in the huddle??

Running off the field after the game!

Friday is Green Out Day! Love those mums/garters! (Cason kept calling it a "gollum" instead of a garter!)

And it's time for our Friday lunch date! Buffalo Wild Wings today, then picking up Cason early from school to get his passport renewed, and then heading to the high school pep rally!