Saturday, September 30, 2017

Another Week Bites the Dust!

We are 40% done with our furlough - 2 months down and 3 to go! Here's a look at what kept us busy this past week!

We love Monday night Gymnastics and Ninja Warrior!

Caedmon has been very busy working on his Texas History movie script and poster!

We celebrated Blu's 36th birthday (at 5:30am!) on Wednesday, September 27th! We sure do love this man!

Nothing like a funny birthday hat (at 5:30am!)

A special Mama Dee (and Papa Ron!) card!

The kids picked out great gifts for Daddy!

He got a Bible, some tech stuff, and (my favorite gift!) some nose/ear hair trimmers!!!

Then we went to a doctor's appt to get the results from his MRI - it showed he needs to have micro fracture knee surgery....but he probably won't!

Nothing like celebrating your birthday with a Spicy Chicken Sandwich!

We ended the day at Buffalo Wild Wings with most of the Tidwells!

A "The Puff" shirt!

Thursdays = Junior high football! We killed some time at Subway getting some homework done before the game!

Go #25!

Head smacks from the coach!

On Friday, the kids got out half a day so we decided to surprise them with a trip to the DFW Metroplex (2.5 hours from us) to go to Ripley's Believe it or Not!

We started with the 7D theater - a shooting competition!!

Caedmon destroyed us...

We all enjoyed the wax museum!

Tallest man in the world!
This was SO fun!

Once we were done, we noticed we were just across the highway from Six Flags...which was open from 6-11...and had 40% off tickets.. #wehadto

The kids were PUMPED!

These two were riding buddies!

(Sidenote: We are officially old. Roller coasters are not fun anymore! We stayed dizzy and nauseous for most of the 4 hours we were there!)

We got in at 1:40am but got up the next morning to head to Cason's soccer game. First though - a balloon release to say goodbye to our mission house! (more on that later)

Love watching my #66 play some soccer!

This is what the fans look like on 6 hours of sleep and losing 14-0...

And some updates from New Day - look at chunky Baby Joy!

The bridge closest to us collapsed when a truck drove on it - not good!

People are driving through on the riverbed since it's the dry season - can't do that for long, so we're praying it gets fixed soon!

Mama Tembo and Chileleko!

And that's the wrap on a fun-filled week! We are in West Texas now seeing friends & family and sharing about New Day!