Sunday, January 27, 2013

Family Pictures :)

The best family pictures ever... :) Sisters
Our daddy
The 7 grandkids!
Kimbrough Family
Mama & Daddy
Tidwell Family
The "adults" :)
The whole crew - how we've grown!
The original Winsman family :)
We probably won't be together again until the Fall of 2015, but we were so blessed to have these 4 days together! God has blessed me with an amazing family :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Family Fun!

Another fun day with family here at Protea! Let's go fly a kite!
A tsessebe joined us for breakfast!
More pool time!
Craft time with Mama Dee!
And of course...tons of eating!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Protea Family Vacation 2013

We are currently about 45 minutes north of Lusaka at Protea Hotel Safari Lodge! The last time we were here was in July of 2011, and we are having a great time together! The rooms are awesome--king size beds, air conditioning, satellite tv...the food is SOOO good--huge buffets breakfast, lunch, and supper, and the fellowship is great! We spend a lot of time outside at the playground, swimming pool, or playing games! Yesterday we enjoyed our late Christmas together! Today we will do a family safari and pedicures for the girls, baseball/frisbee for the boys! Love this family time! Cason & Amos :)
Amos loved his new lunch box, although he opened it and said "a purse!!"
UT gear for the Longhorn
A&M Gear for the Aggie :) Blu LOVED his A&M Cotton Bowl shirt!
Caedmon & Isaac
New soccer cleats!
Caedmon got a new soccer outfit - he was excited because he will now match Muchoni!
Pink legos!!! It's tough being the only girl with 2 brothers - now she doesn't have to fight for legos!
Cambree loved her new wallet from her cousins!
We play a LOT of cards at Protea!
Cason & Amos - best buddies :)
Cason aka The Hulk!
Spiderman sheets!
Dad LOVED his new remote controlled helicopter!
Clothes from Old Navy!
Isabel loved her new sewing book!
Mama Dee's girls!
I think my mom & sister look alike in this pic :)
Amos & Grandpa
Cambree & Grandpa enjoying the pool!
Dad teased me for tilting my head in this picture :)
So then we took a picture with everyone doing the head tilt ;)
Pretty jewelry from Mom & Dad!
Love Isaac's face when he saw his Nerf gun!
Isaac loved his new karate costume!
Dawni & kids hanging out poolside
Mom & Dad enjoying the Zambian summer