Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Alabama Team Days 1-3

The Clanton, Alabama team is here! In 2005, First Baptist Church in Clanton began a partnership with the Wilcoxes in Zambia. As a result, their church has made numerous trips to Zambia over the years! Josh - 8 trips, Kevin - 3 trips, Ethan - 2 trips, Steve & Trish -5 trips, Linlee - 2 trips, Melinda - 2 trips, Sonya - 3 trips, and Grace - first trip! They are old pros at ministry here and are always very eager to get out and spread Jesus to villages around us!

Our internet has been down, which has affected my blogging, but here are some pics for you to see what they have been up to at New Day! And I promise that Steve & Ethan are here, even though I don't have any picture proof :)

On the bus to New Day!

Blu's scared face - Wes was driving!

Pizza stop on the way to New Day!

This team has been to Zambia MANY times, so they are foregoing the Victoria Falls trip. Instead, they stopped at a small craft market on the way for some souvenirs!

Cambree, Gertrude, and Axer ready to welcome the team!

Linlee gets a hug from Kefi

I love this picture!!! Josh and his family lived at New Day for 3 months in 2011, and the kids couldn't wait to give him a hug!!

Neither could Mulenga!

See our pretty New Day road!

Devotion time - it's about 45 in the mornings this time of year!

The whole group at morning devotion - Sonya led this one!

Teacher Diana staying busy in her Preschool class as Trish observes

Trish gets some Kefi love!

Cason LOVES Mr. Kevin (and all of his electronics!)

Precious & Axer ready for school!

Teacher Carolyn ready for her day!

This is my favorite picture ever a volunteer (Trish) has taken!!! They found a bat up in a tree - don't you feel like this image should be on Survivor or something?!

Axer on the rope swing at our playground!

Every morning, the team is spending 3 hours in the villages around Kabanga - visiting huts, sharing the Gospel, and praying with people! Here is one team starting their hike into the bush!

In the afternoons all the women are staying behind and helping the New Day kids with library time, music and art class, and playground time! The kids love Grace!

Grace & Christina on the seesaws

This will make your day brighter :)

Cambree adores Linlee - all the New Day kids call her "Lingling!" :)

Playground time!

Kefi will melt your heart when he's not being mischievous!

Linlee & Trish during library time

Linlee & Precious on the swings

Grace & Linlee had music class with all 22 kids for one hour!!

Sonya ready to start her day - look at this baobab tree!

Shoes lined up outside the classroom :)

Melinda has been helping us out by doing some painting!

We've also been playing some Spicy Uno, where Trish is the Reigning Queen!

We love library time!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Goodbye to Michelle

Today New Day said goodbye to Michelle, a staffer who has been with us since the very beginning of New Day! Michelle will be starting a new chapter in life that includes furthering her education! Please pray that she will remember all that she has learned about God at New Day, and that she will make wise choices in her life. Also pray that God will direct her to the perfect school for her! Michelle will always have a place in our hearts!

Saying goodbye to Darbi & Mama Lala

The best decision Michelle made while at New Day was to give her life to Christ and to be baptized!

Michelle's dream is to be in the medical field. So far, God hasn't opened the doors for her to do that. Here she is with a medical team from Nebraska!

We were all so proud of her when she passed every section of her 12th Grade final exams!

Michelle loved bonding with volunteer teams that came to New Day!

She always has her hair fixed perfectly, wears cute clothes, and loves all things girly!

Michelle always pitched in when it came to taking care of the New Day kids, even supervising 10 little girls in our tiny swimming pool!

She learned some interesting things from us, including how to "plank!" :)

We first met Michelle in December of 2010 - back when we were "young!" ;)

The first birthday Michelle celebrated was her 21st birthday at New Day! She also celebrated #22 and #23 with us!

I know she will miss getting water poured on her!

We will always be grateful for the sacrifices Michelle made to live at New Day for 3 years! She has a bright future and we know she will be back often to visit us!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Birthdays Galore!

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite men EVER - my daddy :)

He is enjoying his birthday on an RV trip with my mom (and the gourmet coffee and dark choc cashews I got him!) :)

Meanwhile, across the ocean, 3 more birthdays were being celebrated! Hildah turned 33 on May 13th!

This girl LOVES earrings and ALL things girly :)

Teacher Carolyn shares a birthday with my dad - she turned 51 today! (She totally wouldn't mind that I just told you that! Plus, she has no interent... ;)

I got her this pink zebra scarf..because I want one too! Carolyn (aka the Sock Queen) also got 3 new pairs of socks, cappuccino, and a Coke zero - all of her favorite things! :)

Papa Wes turned 55 yesterday!! He still looks young! :)

Wes & Carolyn blow out their candles!

Let the water pouring begin!!