Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Birthday x 3!

Today we celebrated Purity's 7th birthday (April 12th), Abby's 35th birthday (May 3rd), and Diana's birthday (TODAY!)! It was lots of fun, although it's getting cold for the water pouring!!


She had a good plan to use Joseph as a shield but it didn't really work for her!

Pretty girl!

Diana is almost always laughing!

Run, Diana, run!

She didn't manage to outrun Elizabeth!

Mama Lala makes the birthdays come together with perfection - she just has that special touch!

Abby is looking up to see if Wes & Blu rigged up water hoses on the ceiling again this year!

Nope, just plain old buckets for you, Abby!

3 special ladies :)

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