Monday, May 20, 2013

A New Road!

If you've been to New Day, you know that the closer you get to our land, the bumpier the dirt roads get! We get stuck several times a year due to our washed out bridges. But this past rainy season, we also found ourselves literally STUCK in the mud several times! The roads are getting worse each year, so we were so blessed when the Chinese gave us a HUGE discount to come and create a nice, packed, almost gravel road all the way from New Day to the main Pemba road! You wouldn't recognize the place!

This was an amazing opportunity to get to build relationships with Mr. Young and Dominic, the two Chinese men who oversaw the project. Wes even had a chance to witness to them - how cool for an American to share Christ with a Chinese man in Africa! Our God is BIG :)

The work was completed in just 9 days!

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