Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kids Club Chaos!!

Well the team is gone! They are enjoying Victoria Falls and a safari today with Blu, and tomorrow they will make the long drive back to Lusaka to head home! The team's last day here, yesterday, was INSANE!! We had over 300 kids at Kids Club, but it was awesome!!
Carolann helped wash and count all of the plates!

Candi gets some love from Ben

The little girls LOVED Mr. Paul!

Here is about a third of the group

and another third..

Katie has her own personal hairdressers :)

Morgan & Blu man the hand-washing stations

Tommy leads his group in a line to get their food

5 year old Bestina carries 4 month old Brian!

This is Darbi...don't be fooled - she is a MESS!!!

And the other Darbi...she's definitely calmer :)

It was absolutely amazing to work alongside the church I grew up in this past week. They have forever left their mark on New Day, and I know some of them have left a piece of their heart as well! THANK YOU to the families who sacrificed so your husband/child/wife/mother could be here this week. THANK YOU to everyone who donated to make this trip possible for FBC. We were blessed.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Bartlett Team Thursday/Friday!

Blu & Tommy work on the computer lab ceiling

Not really sure why Blu is riding Tommy like a bull while Tommy does pushups...

Candi (with a new hairdo!) works on VBS crafts

Chad does some building in the computer lab

The only village kid that Cason has bonded with - his friend George!

Our sweet Cynthia

Carolann & Morgan get a lesson in Zambian "jacks"

Katie tries some African chewing gum - gross! (it's a seed pod from a certain tree that the kids chew on

Kofi & Caleb demonstrate Duck Duck Goose (we played Goat, Goat, Rabbit) :)

This is a good look at what this week has looked like for Kofi - surrounded by the girls! Elizabeth says at night in the girls' orphan house there is a constant chatter about "Kofi Kofi Kofi!" :)

Elizabeth makes her first ever sand tray in therapy class

Sweet Mrs. Crews and her class made these adorable fans and scripture holders for the kids - they loved them!

Paul & Chad working hard in Rec

A little boy named Richard who has come every day this week

Samuel works on his sand tray

Sheri and her "little minions" spent hours this morning putting together goldfish treat bags for all the kids at VBS!

Sheri has been teaching the kids some awesome new songs this week!

Sherry the pro demonstrates how to make a sand tray

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bartlett Team, Day 3!

Everyone is working hard and slowly getting over jet lag! (except for me..I have sympathy jet lag..) :)

We now have lights in the library - thanks to Chad!

Tommy gives Cambree a hug from Grandpa!

Tommy & Sherry in the morning sun

Sheri painting...still.. :)

Paul worked on the ceiling in the computer lab

Morgan trying to stay clean!

Kofi & Blu not trying to stay clean...

Cason didn't make it through the prayer service last night!

"Dr. John who makes Eyes" (as the kids call him) sent a banjo for New Day and we put Kalenga in charge of it - he was in AWE!!

Still working on role playing play therapy! Here Elizabeth practices with Katie. Yesterday we got to do play therapy with 3 of the New Day kids!

Samuel gets some Kofi love

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Busy bees!

This team has jumped right into ministry and we had a BUSY day yesterday! We had 208 kids at VBS - crazy!!! That was the most kids we have ever had at anything here at New Day!!! It was complete chaos (we are definitely pre-cutting the craft today!) but lots of fun! Here are some pics of VBS and this morning's work!!

Can you find Chad?? More electrical work on the lab this morning!

I walked by and saw this and told Cambree I needed a picture to show how short she is!!

Katie & Candi painting the computer lab countertops

Kofi working the sander

Paul tells Caleb where to drill

We had another "play therapy" session this morning where we got to role-play - Katie as the child and Sherry as the therapist

Caleb made lots of friends at VBS!

Carolann made a friend of her own :)

This was funny!! Paul & Chad are surrounded here by about 50 kids, and they are trying to read the African names to pass out their crafts - I thought it was funny! (not sure they did...)

A small glimpse of the craft chaos - we had 93 3-4 year olds...

Paul got sweaty at Rec time!

Katie & Chad played "beach ball volleyball"

Sheri (who is heading up the VBS and spending her morning pre-cutting!) teaching some hand motions. Sheri has known me since I was a bratty 7th grader!

Bro. Tommy has a lapful!