Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Fall Festiball"

Tonight was the Fall Festival (or festiball as Cason calls it!) at Victory Life Church. But first, I have to show you this adorable picture of Cambree & Blu. Last night was Daddy/Daughter Date Night at Chili's - Cambree wore high heels, makeup, and her favorite dress, and her doll accompanied them on the date :)

My Ironman, angel, and ninja!

Caedmon quickly found his friend, Brian

They wanted a picture that showed their faces too! (with Brian's sister Brooke in the background!)

Caedmon hit a balloon with darts

Blu kept trying to get the kids to do the cake walk :)

Cambree was very selective in her candy choosing :)

Lindsay, Cambree, & Lauren

Cason fishing

and hammering...

Cason and his friend, Elijah

More friends from school - Cayden and Aiden

Caramel apples - yum!

Looks like that costume will need washing before tomorrow!

I wish I had a picture of Blu with his caramel apple - I think he was as excited as the kids were! :)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend in Arkansas!

On Saturday we had a quick trip to Bentonville, Arkansas to speak at GracePoint Church! We got in at 1am due to rain and us taking the "scenic" route! We dropped Cambree off in Alvarado with Mrs. Kelly, and the boys went with Mama Dee & Grandpa for a fall festival!

I love the Dallas skyline!

I also love this map and want to do this at New Day!! It's just tiny nails hammered into shapes of the continents, then yarn strung back and forth between the nails - so cute and easy! Who comes up with these things?!

There's Sara Lou! It's time for my every other year haircut from her!

Blu plays some basketball after church in the gym

We saw SO many people from previous teams (GPC has sent 3 BIG teams in the past), but I only got a picture of Rob & Dawn, who were there this past August!

This northwest part of Arkansas is so pretty!

Grandpa & Mama Dee got Halloween treats for the kids, just like my Grandma used to always do for them!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

New Day fun!

Field trip time at New Day - on a trip to see some animals!

Axer & Precious ready to go!

Ben & Francis

Teacher Hildah was excited to get a day off of school!

Kalenga was excited to get out of the kitchen!

It was Kefbert's first time to leave New Day!

October is a month full of birthdays at New Day! Mulenga turned 31!

No holding back on the water pouring for Uncle Mule!

Sweet Precious turned 5 (we share the same birthday!)

Everyone gently poured water on her!

Kefbert wasn't happy when water got onto him, but Precious comforted him!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Boston - Day Four!

We got up bright & early on Thursday morning to head 2 hours back to Boston to catch our flight. We had some extra time though, so we got to explore some of downtown Boston! Here we are on the Atlantic Wharf - the site of the Boston Tea Party!

The ship looked just like this!

Blu touches some of the water where the tea was thrown overboard!

Dad & Blu with Adams :)

We got to see the neatest sculptures! These were all made out of canned goods for a food drive. Competitors asked for donations from businesses, individuals, and then created artwork - so awesome! This "Emmy" won an award for the most structured piece.

This one was my favorite!! They won a prize for using the healthiest foods!

Despicable Me!


Ironman - won the prize for best use of labels

And this one was the best overall - it's the volleyball Wilson from Castaway!!!

We finished out our vacation in the Boston and Atlanta airports, eating Panda Express & Atlanta Bread! We got in LATE but were so excited to see our kids! Headed to Arkansas tomorrow to speak about New Day - whew!! :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cape Cod - Day Three

We slept in again this morning (praise God for Paw & B-Maw keeping our kids this week!!!!) and then headed to Plymouth, Massachusetts! First stop was Plymouth Rock!

It was a COLD day today! (for us Texans anyway!)

Here it is! A little underwhelming :)

Time to board the Mayflower II to see how the Pilgrims traveled!

They had actors/actresses in costume to tell about the journey

Blu always asks me to take his picture in front of random things :)

Awww... :)


I finally got my lobster!

Dessert was at Cupcake Charlie's - 2nd place winner on Food Network's Cupcake Wars!

Sooooo good!!

Mine was the Peanut Butter Pleasure :)

We then headed to Plimoth Plantation for a tour of a Wampanoag Indian Village, a 17th century settlers' village, craft shop, etc. I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would!

Blu loves to talk to the people in costume, though his Zambian accent keeps coming out!

He made me take a picture of this oven to show Maxwell in Zambia!

My favorite picture of the day :)