Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fun Pics to Share

Caedmon really hates getting haircuts...

Family pic :)

A taste of my African decor in our new house!

Evening praise - our last night in the bush with Blu's parents we had Mulenga and Kalenga over for supper and praise music!

Paw & B-Maw

Paw & B-Maw with their grandkids

Puzzles with Paw

We got Blu's parents on the plane today! We got so much done and are so thankful for all that they sacrificed so that they could come to Zambia! :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Living in Zambia gives you the opportunity to be thankful every day for the simple things....food to eat, a house to keep out rain, and clothes to wear. I am thankful for my amazing husband and crazy children, an extended family that supports us and loves us, and my very close friends! I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Our family plus Paw & B-Maw before lunch

Our Thanksgiving table (roast chicken, dressing, green bean casserole, rolls, potatoes & noodles, cherry coke salad)

Making pumpkin pie with the kids the night before

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Me and B-Maw recovered our dining room chairs (Mom, we will use the green in the guys house..decided to go with African chitengis for my house!)

Running water in our sink in Mapanza!

Birthday Boy!

Yes, the Fall is a busy time for birthdays in the Tidwell house!! Two years ago today, Baby Cason was born at 7 pounds 8 ounces in Temple, Texas! We had a very low-key party today that his siblings enjoyed just as much as he did ;)

A truck book from Aunt Dawni & Uncle Blake & cousins

Cason blowing out his candle! We practiced forever and he got it after a few tries!

Cake table--construction party

Special card from Mama Dee

Dirt cake in the dump truck

He loved his presents from Caedmon & Cambree!

All ready for cake!

And ready for presents

Cason says "WOW!"

Cason (and Caedmon & Cambree's) favorite present--a toy phone!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Random Happenings

So I thought it was about time I give a decent update on what is going on out in Mapanza!

Progress is really being made on the other buildings. The Luyando House has been plastered inside and out, has been wired for electricity, and has major plumbing fixtures in (but no pipes run). The ceiling is in the process of being put in. Next step is paint!

The girls' workers house has been wired for electricity and plastered on the outside. Next step is inside plastering and painting.

The multipurpose center has a roof!!!! It is being plastered outside and is being wired for electricity. We are leaving the interior brick (no plaster or paint). Plumbing fixtures are going in.

Two of our water tanks arrived today (for the Luyando House and workers house). We are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel for getting these buildings finished! We are still awaiting the arrival of the bigger transformer for electricity, so we anticipate all of that being completed by Christmas..maybe!

Our house is almost done! Us girls have been painting window frames, washing windows, and painting the doors that the guys have hung. We have also done a lot of cooking, cleaning, hauling water, and visiting my Zambian friends. The guys have hung doors, put in door handles, and of course plumbing.

Blu's dad says, "The only thing worse than plumbing in America is plumbing in Africa." We had the water tank up, only to find that the tank stand began to buckle after having just 3 inches of water in the tank. So after reinforcing them with heavy steel, the tank is back up, and pipes are going down. They will fill the tank up on Monday and hopefully get water in the house. Paw said that the pipes in the back (from toilet to septic) went downhill, then level, then uphill, etc. so they all had to be redone. Paw decided today that since everything he has touched leaks, they needed to start from square one. So out came the bathtubs and they are redoing all the pipes. What a job!

We are headed back to Choma next week for Cason's birthday and Thanksgiving, then back here for 3 days before Blu's parents leave. Please pray that all of the plumbing will be completely finished by the time they leave!

Baby Darbi...again...because I like her. :)

B-Maw giving pedicures at Margaret's house

Ok, there's a story behind this picture. I'll give you the highlights...Painting...at Night...Big Spill..Huge spider...Mother in law screaming...and flapping her arms...and screaming...and pulling me...and me running into the painted door..and more screaming...and spider attacking...and more screaming...and me trying not to use the bathroom....Yep, that pretty much sums it up. :)

Precious James

My good friend Joyce..she makes me laugh!

Baby Kabinda..so cute!!

Kalenga singing--he is so talented! He plays an amazing recorder too!

Me and Joyce's little girl, Mananse

Cute Mutinta

Margaret & B-Maw

Monday, November 15, 2010

Crazy fun with kids

The classic picture every kid has (right?) in boots too big for them!


What do you get when you mix some kids, some water, some sidewalk chalk, and no supervision??? ;)

Paw & B-Maw in Mapanza

We are having a blast with Blu's parents, who have come for 3 weeks to help us with construction. Us girls have been painting window frames, and the guys are working on plumbing. The kids are loving having their grandparents here!

Me, Oshinaty, and Baby Darbi

Pretty B-Maw


Cambree plays with Lwiito and Baby Blu

Cambree looking oh so innocent

The church praise team at Mapanza (with Cam helping out on drums!)

Me and my baby boy

Paw & Case

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cambree is 4!

Four years ago, little five pound, fourteen ounce Cambree Rain surprised us all by coming 3 weeks early into our world. She is a VERY girly girl...she will sit still for hours if someone is doing makeup, nail polish, or hair. She loves playing with older girls and being babied. This was probably the girliest party I have ever seen, and Cambree was definitely the princess. She makes us laugh every day with her dynamic personality. We love you Lulu!

A ballerina dvd from Uncle Blake, Aunt Dawni, and cousins!

Caedmon & his best bud Micah trying to stick together at this very girly party

Cake table - It was a Lion King party

Blowing out candles

Cambree & B-Maw

Cambree hanging out with Grenda while Grenda makes her craft

We made jungle photo frames and then put pics of Cambree and her party attenders inside! The kids loved it, except for Cambree who ran around asking when it was time to open presents while the other kids did the craft!

One of Mama Dee's famous cards,

Makeup from Mama Dee & Grandpa

A coloring book from Mrs. Dianna

Paw came all the way from Africa to watch Cambree open her birthday presents.... ;)

A puzzle set from Paw & B-Maw

Singing to an embarrassed Cambree

A Barbie from Wes & Lala but Cambree was more excited about the jelly beans in the bottom of the bag (and in her mouth!) in this pic!

A vanity table from us...she sat at it most of the day putting on makeup, nail polish, and brushing her hair!