Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday at New Day

It's quiet here at New Day today as it is a Zambian holiday called Unity Day. So everyone unites and takes the day off of work :) Well, not everyone - construction on the Cook's house (more on them later...) has begun and the hydraform block-making machine and 12 guys digging a pit right next door to my house did not unite and take a day off! Team Melody with her daughter Katie from College Station, TX (WHOOP!) are here and spending the day getting to know the New Day kids and recovering from jet lag! Here's what today has looked like:

Phillip got a surprise gift from his sponsors, Josh and Dani "Doon-cawn" as the kids call them! He was SO excited and his favorite thing was the little stuffed frog :)

Phillip thought it was amazing that there were 6 kids in the Duncan family!

Melody checking out the rabbbits. She wanted to hold one but I told her that was Thursday night's supper :)

Some love from College Station - check out that mac n' cheese!

This is my "Look at how many nights I WON'T have to cook" face!

Mama Lala stopped by the Lukondo house and the girls automatically went for her hair! Too short for braids!

Muchoni also got some stickers from his sponsors to share with his friends!

Katie & Melody with the Luyando girls!

Lynne has been busy learning to make baskets - amazing!

Katie had no fear about getting down into the cheese cave! (We didn't tell her about the tarantulas down there...just kidding!!!)

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