Friday, June 28, 2013

Busy Friday!

It's a small world when it comes to serving God! Several years ago, we worked with Pastor Wilfred in Monze (about 90 minutes from us) in youth ministry. Some time after that, an organization and church in Brownfield, Texas started teaming up with Wilfred and leading ministry teams.

Fast forward about 8 years...this group plans a mission trip in June of 2013. Blu's high school computer teacher is on the trip and mentioned to the team leader that one of her former students is serving in Zambia. Around the same time, Blu's aunt in West Texas mentions to the team leader that her nephew works with an orphanage in Zambia. THEN Pastor Wilfred communicates to the team leader that he is going to visit "Blu & Darbi" at the orphanage. All of the connections finally meet and we realize that this team with people that know us and some of our family members and close friends is the group who has been working with Wilfred all these years!

We were blessed to have them come for a few hours today to visit, bring us goodies, and get a tour of New Day!

Gertrude gets some help from Katrina

Cason with Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Brown & Blu :) (check out

Kelitah showing off her crazy hair!

Pretty Cynthia says hi :)

Cambree developed a crush on J.T. in about 30 seconds. She is currently writing him a letter as I type this :)

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