Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Team Pics

I know many people in the USA are eager to see your family & friends in action at New Day, so here is a blog that has a pic of ALL 20 members of the Georgia team! (I think...)

I love this pic of Betsy at the school!

Toby relaxing :) He's been working hard but here's a moment of relaxation!

Headed to another True Love Waits session in the back of a borrowed truck! (vehicle situation is rough at New Day right now!)

Stacey and some kids at Kabanga School

Mrs. Susan and some new friends

Susan prepares for her part of the True Love Waits session

8 of the team members are camping, and it is 39 degrees at night - brr!!!!!

Sam worked hard helping lay cement in the new bathrooms and staining the doors

Sam works on flashcards with the kids (The kids LOVE him!)

Mother & Daughter bonding over laundry :)

Stacey got the opportunity to share with this boy about his position as a leader in the school and how he could be a strong man of God if he used his leadership skills for God's glory!

Russell & Lynn get cow milking lessons from Lynne!

This lady the team met on a village visit is OLD!

Parachute during P.E. class!

Russell gets some love from Phillip

Randy & Russell give Lynne a hand in the garden

Mallory in the middle of a LOT of school children!

Mallory with our sweet Precious

Mary Beth, Billie Ann, & Alex checking out the New Day rabbits

Kaitlyn reading to the kids in the library

Larry & Lynne ready to start their day

The Zambian kids absolutely adore Linsey!

Yet another picture of my husband perched precariously on the tank stand that he doesn't think I will see.....

Curtis jumps into a game of checkers during a village visit

Susan & Diane painting some new bookshelves

Love this picture of Alex with the kids!

Betsy & Diane with some kids from Kabanga school

Billie Ann helping hang laundry in our girls' orphan house

These sunset pics taken by Larry are incredible!!

Mr. Larry LOVES cats...or they love him!

My favorite...

This is how they got the tanks up on the tank stand!

Lynne washing dishes outside of the hut

There are a lot of these witch doctor signs in Zambia

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