Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More Team Pics!

Here are a few more pics for you! Allison is here for 5 weeks this summer, and we are so grateful! She is living in our orphan girls' house as a substitute house mother!! She is giving baths, getting them ready for school, and trying to avoid their dirty bathroom :) As a first grade teacher, Allison is also very helpful in the classroom with 1 on 1 tutoring. I even walked into the kitchen yesterday and she was frying some chicken! :) I'm sure you'll see plenty more pics of her throughout the summer, but here are a few! (for her mama!)

The kids love "Teacher Allison!"

On her way home from school

Allison's home for the summer!

Allison & Gertrude

Christin is still doing reading assessments

Cambree shows off her new hat

The group arrives home from True Love Waits' afternoon session

Hannah hangs out with Francis & Axer at craft time

The kids LOVED their sun visors!

Curtis & Randy working on a goat milking stand

Toby working hard

14 year old Sam was so proud of the bookshelf he built with Wes!

Randy had a few helpers

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