Friday, January 4, 2013


So a couple of months ago I decided I was going to become a gardener. Just after the first rains I hoed four big rows of soil, added compost, tilled it, waited 2 weeks, and then planted onions, green beans, carrots, and cucumbers. Maybe some other things as well but I've forgotten now. I planted and watered, and then once the rains started I didn't really go back out there. Caedmon (age 7) loves to be in the garden, and he planted his own maize, and I knew that he had planted some beans somewhere. So today I went outside and looked at everything and see TONS of weeds. I hadn't been out there in a ;) So I see this patch where I didn't plant anything, and it is covered in all these weeds all over it! So I start pulling them all up, and then I saw where Caedmon had planted maize, and there's weeds all around it too, so I tell Cambree to start digging those up. Once we are almost done, Caedmon (who was checking on the strawberry patch) comes over and stops and says, "What are you DOING?! Cambree, those are my beans!!!" I look up and see his face which was in utter shock. I was like, "So..this was where you had beans planted??" And he said "Yes!! Don't you know if you plant beans next to maize they will grow really big?!" (for the record, no I did not know that..) By this time I'm feeling SO bad because I knew Caedmon had planted beans and that he couldn't wait to show Grandpa, I just didn't know he had planted them THERE!! I plant everything in nice and neat rows and this was just utter chaos! I said "Oh man...your daddy is gonna be so mad at me.." And Caedmon just heaved a big sigh and said, "You all just go inside. Let me talk to him and I will explain everything." It was SO sad but so funny too! His voice was not hurt, it was more like "You all clearly have no idea what you're doing, just go inside!" I ran inside and got some more beans and Caedmon went to work replanting them, in the hopes that when Grandpa gets here on January 28th, there will be some beans to show for it! I think my days of gardening are over!

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