Thursday, January 17, 2013

SBU Team - Missouri

We've enjoyed having a team from Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri here with us at New Day this week! This team of 3 is a survey team, coming to check thiings out before they send a large team over Spring Break this March. The coolest thing about this team is that the former girls' soccer coach at their small Baptist college is Coach Ben Wade - The Dragonslayer!!! Any die-hard Survivor fan will appreciate that!!!) :) These students are in a group called Enactus at their university. This group consists mainly of business/management/accounting majors who are seeking to change the world around them for the better. They will be participating in a competition where they must submit a project showing that they helped bring about positive "business-related" change somewhere in the world around them. Enactus chose New Day as their project, and we are excited to both help them and be helped! The project (occurring mainly over Spring Break, although they certainly got started this week) will center around New Day's grinding mill and shop. The team will help us to convert our diesel-powered grinding mill into an electric one, making it more profitable for us. They will also help us to expand our job. Other projects include sewing so that we can make clothes for the orphans ourselves, problem-solving with the cheese cave so that we can store cheese/vegetables for long periods of time, and helping our staff with financial concerns (accounting and Quickbooks). It's always fun having college kids around - here's a glimpse of their week! Aaron & Nathan worked on clearing a path for electric poles to take electricity to our grinding mill and shop!
They also enjoyed some quality time with our kids!
Axer just doesn't take a bad picture :)
The kids loved watching the boys do gymnastics/tumbling!
Joseph said "I can do that!"
The kids enjoying some playground time
School's out for the day!
The Lion King pose with one of our puppies :)
Maxie, the only girl of the group is a Management major who is interested in fashion design. She loves to sew her own clothes, so she worked with Joyce all week teaching her how to cut out patterns and how to make a cute dress/jacket for each girl!
Cynthia's new dress!
Maxie also spent a lot of time hanging out with our staff girls - going through their clothes and putting together outfits for them, watching TV with them, just hanging out!
We've had over 12 inches of rain in 6 weeks...
This is what we walk through every day!! (or we make Blu drive us!!)
Nathan & Ben
More tree chopping!
Nathan & Blu clearing some land
The kids LOVED all of Nathan's backflips!
Our new school looks great!
We have 7 new puppies - make that 6...Blu ran over one yesterday!
Have I posted a picture of our poor fence that caught fire?? No grass to fix it until the rainy season is over!
Thank you SBU for a fun week - can't wait to meet more of you in March! :)

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