Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Madness!

Here is a little glimpse of our Monday!

Caedmon has a sprout!!

So does Cason! It is right in between his two rows - he must have dropped one! :)

Why yes, we do check the garden in our underwear...well, Cason does!

Monday afternoons we have Computer Class in our new computer lab - Cynthia learned how to play Hearts during her "game time!"

Homework time for the Tidwell family!

Nurse Mandy works with the PreK class every afternoon doing Reading

Misheck is quickly becoming one of our fastest typers! The kids do 20 minutes of Typing Instructor, and 20 minutes of games.

This is one of the two reading groups I work with every afternoon - Axer, Christina, and Mweene :)

Uncle Blu sometimes sneaks away from his work to help out with reading time!

Time to walk to afternoon class - 103 outside today..89 in our house!

Cambree likes to be the first one there!

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