Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Family Garden!

we have decided to convert our concrete pad (that formerly housed a swimming pool) into a raised garden! Each of the kids has their own bed to grow veggies, and we had a family planting party last night!

I love the way the beds turned out! It cost us $20 to have this built.

Caedmon working hard!

He chose to plant carrots and lettuce.

Cambree working hard!

She planted green beans and tomatoes!

Cason was very into his garden! (the broom was just used to sweep dust off the bricks!)

Cason planted cabbage and onions.

Blu's "babies" - his jacaranda and flamboyant trees - needed to be pruned!

We worked from 5:30 - 6:45 when it was cool and breezy and had such a great time together! I can't wait to experience the kids' reactions as they watch their gardens grow! :) (And yes, we're Tidwells, everything is a competition...)

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