Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter 2015!

For a look at Easters of years past, you can click here!

Here's a look at this morning's Easter celebrations as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!!

The 3 kids - we went with blue this year for our color, and Cambree is wearing a light blue dress my mom made for me & Dawni one year for Easter!

Getting a ride home from church in the back of the canter

All ready to go!

The kids with their Easter baskets

Daddy & his little girl

Vanessa sang "Arise my Love" at church while Blu played the guitar for her

My Boys

Caedmon is very picky about his clothes and this was NOT what he wanted to wear this morning...

Cambree entertaining Baby Justin during church!

Mama & her boys!

My sweet girl!


The Garrett Family - an Easter they'll remember for sure! I asked if this was the dirtiest they have ever been on Easter morning...definitely! It was SO muddy!

Ricky, Blu, & Alex showed up to church matching!

Kids walking home in the mud

Yuck!! Even with the awful weather, we had SO many people at church this morning!!

And....we got stuck in the mud after church, but the kids had fun pushing!

Happy Easter from the Tidwells!

We are headed to have an Easter meal with the Americans at New Day this evening, and tomorrow we will enjoy the Zambian holiday of Easter Monday - we hope you have a blessed day celebrating what our Savior did for us!!

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