Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Today our precious firstborn, Caedmon, turns 10 years old! It seems like just yesterday that he was born on a cold morning in Johannesburg, South Africa! (Ok, it doesn't really seem like yesterday, but that's what people say, right??) ;) If I could describe Caedmon in one word, it would be GOOD. He is a good kid. He gets up at 5:30am to read his Bible and to run...what 10 year old does that?! He desires to do what is right and he tries to never hurt anyone else. He is full of compassion and is always looking out for his best friend, Misheck. He is sensitive and tender-hearted and wants to please those around him. He loves soccer and tries his hardest at every thing he does. He loves to help others and is always giving gifts. He is a Rocky and Nacho Libre fanatic and wants to be a policeman when he grows up (if it doesn't work out to be a professional soccer player). We love this boy and could not be more blessed to have him as our son!!!

10 years ago!

What a sweetie!

My shy ladies' man!

We got up at 6am to open presents this morning! He REALLY wanted a new Spiderman costume!

A Rocky "Italian Stallion" robe (that Blu really wants to steal!)

We watch a LOT of Rocky around here!

A Puma tracksuit from us

Mama Dee's famous card - Nacho Libre - the kids LOVED it and laughed so hard!!

Some more 1980s movies for our collection - Honey I Shrunk the Kids (Whitney!!) and Flight of the Navigator, which I definitely have memorized.. ;)

He was so excited about his new cleats from Grandpa & Mama Dee!

His wagon full of gifts!

Caedmon has a week-long celebration this year as his birthday is today, his Nacho Libre party is this Friday, and his New Day June birthday celebration is next Tuesday!!

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